Refillable PCR Twist-Up Deodorant Stick

  • MayPak Packaging

Refillable packaging complements sustainable brands and gives companies an effective method to reduce the overall use of plastic in manufacturing. 

MayPak Packaging releases one of its many refillable options, The PCR Oval Refillable Deodorant Stick. 

The pack includes a smooth and curved body with an inner compartment that can be removed and replenished easily during refill. This means the end consumer can keep the sturdy and attractive outer body and need only buy simpler cartridges going forward. 

MayPak can offer the satisfyingly shaped deodorant packs in 4 sizes: 15g, 35g, 50g and 75g, meaning it is applicable for on-the-go travel and the stay-at-home everyday use. The packaging is ideal but not limited to deodorant, as it can also be used for face masks and balms. 

The stick can be decorated and colored to best represent your brand and can use a number of decorative services including Silk Screen Printing, Hot Stamping, UV Metalization and spray color. 

Contact MayPak for more details. 

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