Refillable PP Roll on Deodorant Bottle

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MayPak is always looking forward to create cost-effective and eco-friendly packs for an array of personal care and cosmetic products.

The latest edition to MayPak’s All Plastic Solutions is the PP Roll On Refillable Deodorant Bottle.

The neat packaging shape of the roll-on bottle creates a sleek and discreet cylindrical pack when secured with the straight-lined over cap. This allows the bottle to fit in easily with other products and comfortably within the palm of your hand.

Once opened users can access an all-plastic PP roller ball to massage the area and distribute the formula.

When used up, users can twist the base of the pack, releasing the inner bottle that can be replaced with a more economical refill edition.

This refillable PP pack is suitable for deodorants as well as essential oils, skin care products and moisturizing liquids.

For more information contact MayPak, or visit the catalog for more refillable solutions. 

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