Sophisticated & Precise Sponge Applicators

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MENSHEN offers a wide range of sponge types, outlet openings, and flockings that enable clean and exact removal and easy application of care products. Sponge applicators are very popular for cleaning and caring for shoes.

Modern cleaning and care products are offered in liquid formats and require a high degree of closure tightness. The reliability of the sponge applicator is essential to ensure the liquid only comes out when needed. Shoe and leather care products have traditionally been primarily offered in paste form as a cream that optimally binds and holds greases frequently used for care purposes. The sponge applicator also must be optimally aligned to the different viscosities of these care products.

The sponges facilitate the application of the care product and enable its convenient and even distribution on the surface. In addition, the user avoids direct contact with the product and evades getting their hands dirty. Sponge applicators are also ideal for other uses, e.g., as a practical companion and replacement for eyewear cleaning cloths or as a cleaning sponge for optical lenses and touchscreens on cameras, smartphones, or tablets.


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