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Nest Filler's one-stop-shop for cosmetic packaging continues to expand

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Since it was established, Nest Filler has worked hard in order to earn the formidable reputation from which it benefits. Today, the company is thriving as its upward growth continues. Nest Filler's already extensive selection of cosmetic products continues to expand and the company is also diversifying its services to work with private label contract manufacturers. Webpackaging finds out more...

How would you describe Nest Filler as a company?

Nest Filler is a dynamic product packaging manufacturer and distributor which is dedicated to meeting the needs of the cosmetic, skin care and personal health care industries. It's a "one stop shop" for all packaging needs with its headquarters and factory situated in South Korea.

The company has an expansive selection of products to choose from, whether the need be for cosmetic bottles, jars or make-up products and this catalogue is continually being expanded with new items, and one of the major benefits in working with Nest Filler is a relatively low MOQ compared to other companies.

Since it was established, Nest Filler has worked hard in order to earn the formidable reputation from which it benefits today in both the domestic and international markets, and the company is thriving as its evolution and growth continue.

The company's operations have expanded around the globe and Nest Filler is a name that is now recognized in the United States, Europe and many East Asian countries, synonymous for its beauty product selection. In the Asian region Nest Filler works with a lot of companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Almost all of the company's cosmetic products are exported overseas. It is also affiliated with some of the biggest cosmetic and beauty manufacturers in the world - and the list of companies is one that continues to grow.

With which brands do you work?

We work with many brands that I'm sure you've heard of — fresh, for example. There are a great number of well known Asian brands that are our customers as well as top international brands.

What are your main product lines?

Our principal lines are packaging for cosmetic skin care and also make-up products. We have an extensive selection of bottles, jars, cosmetic droppers, tottles and pumps and this selection also includes airless bottle options as well as airtight jars which are both very popular in cosmetic packaging right now as brands are increasingly looking for packaging whereby their formulas are protected from the outside environment.

For customers that are looking for make-up lines, we can provide compacts, palettes, mini jars, mascaras, eyeliners, lip glosses and lipsticks.

Any of these products can be decorated, so we can prepare a product to fit an existing cosmetic line, or create a new look line for a customer.

Which decoration services do you offer?

We offer a full decoration service for our products — it's part of our one-stop-shop service. In addition to packaging decoration, we also do product design and tooling.

Our full service includes innovative packaging, private label contract manufacturing, business development and brand exports as well. It's an absolutely complete service.

What are the benefits for a customer when working with Nest Filler?

When a customer chooses to work with us, they are working with an established and reliable company with highly experienced staff.

Our fundamental goal is to make customers happy. Nowhere else will you find our level of personalized customer service. We pride ourselves on giving such personalized attention to each and every one of our customers - whether they are a large brand, a new up-and-comer or even someone who needs packaging for their hobby.

All enquiries are dealt with by experienced consultants who work in the most proactive way to offer the best solution for a customer's requirement. Our experienced design team is always working on new projects, we have a tooling room and in our factories we can easily recreate a custom design for a customer from their idea. No matter what the necessity, we at Nest Filler have the capacity to make a cost effective solution that will supersede expectation and, of course, we can always send out samples of our work so that new customers can see and feel our products for themselves.

Our minimum order is 5000 pieces for almost all of our products and once an order is placed, it takes 4-5 weeks to prepare that order, ensuring that everything is absolutely perfect for the customer.

We work hard to ensure our unrivalled flexibility, low MOQs and cost effective pricing with supreme customer service at all times. It doesn't matter whether the packaging is custom designed or from our collection, we are dedicated to providing each and every product with the best presentation.

Where are your premises located?

Our company is in Bucheon, in South Korea and dealing with cosmetic packaging that manufactured Korea.

How are your newest product lines launched?

Each year we attend Cosmopack Bologna in Italy, Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, as well as Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong. These events provide us with an international audience so this is when we primarily launch new products to the market, to coincide with one of these well known packaging events.

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