Phoenix Packaging Designs Customized Pewter Labels

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Phoenix Packaging introduced pewter labels to the North American marketplace 25 years ago. They partnered with a pioneering producer and technologically leading manufacturer to create luxurious customized pewter labels.

The labels are a unique and easy way to personalize and enhance your products to make them stand out. Pewter is a high quality metal that can easily be embossed with your brand’s logo, awards, or other imagery.  

Acheive a premium look for your high end products. Pewter labels give that extra touch in many industries such as cosmetics, perfumery, specialty and fine foods, wines, spirits, beer, and cigars. 

Pewter is an ideal material for complex shaped glass bottles. The material is extremely flexible so it can be shaped to take the form of any bottle. The labels are pressure sensitive and Phoenix Packaging’s partner developed a patented coloring process which is resistant to perfumes and alcohols.

A pewter label offers a touch of refinement highlighting your exceptional products.

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