Inspiration Comes From a Thousand Places, Phoenix Gives It Shape

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Inspiration for a new product may come from a thousand different places. The intent, time, and manner in which a new spirit is introduced into the market are so unique to every brand and product, that packaging becomes a fundamental element to properly convey the feeling and purpose behind each bottle.

Phoenix Packing offers its expertise to guide its customer's path to shape distinctive products that catch anyone's eye and delivers breathtaking, memorable packaging solutions to generate long-lasting experiences. 

The company outdid itself with the design of the custom glass spirits bottle for King Rex Vodka. This unique bottle was developed to project the look and feel of Mardi Gras: Each bottle is hand decorated and includes the application of Swarovski crystals, there is a light at the bottom of the bottle that projects the light through the eyes, and the customized cap is coated in wax once the bottle has been filled.

Available in multiple capacities from 700ml to 1.75 liters, the bottle exemplifies how care and decisive finishing touches elevate any product to the highest of standards. Contact us to learn more about our customization options and get a quote now.

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