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PKP's expertise in dispensing solutions has made the company an ideal partner for a wide variety of markets and products. The company's DP32 pump, for example, was designed for high-viscosity products like industrial cleansers and ultrasonic-guided agents.

Its flat valve design optimizes fluid dispensing, ensuring a smooth and consistent flow. By reducing the occurrence of drain back, the pump minimizes waste and enhances operational efficiency, a feature particularly valuable in commercial and professional settings.

Professional food and catering businesses serve as a great example, as they demand tools and equipment that can withstand rigorous daily use. PKP's DP32 pump rises to this challenge with its exceptional durability. Crafted from high-quality materials and designed with longevity in mind, this pump can handle the demands of busy kitchens and front-of-house operations. Its robust construction ensures that it remains practical and reusable over the long term, making it a cost-effective choice for restaurant owners and operators.

With durability, compliance with industry standards, and a focus on high-viscosity products, this pump stands as a valuable asset for professionals in the hospitality and industrial sectors. Its capacity to enhance operational efficiency and reduce waste makes it a practical choice for most businesses.

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Working efficiently is a proven cost-effective business strategy for companies to reduce costs, and as an additional benefit the efficiency has a proactive effect on the company, enhancing customer satisfaction through a competent business approach. PKP works "to provide best the possible solutions to brands in order to help them create better product value". This is clearly backed up by the company's renewed ISO 9001 QMS certification and other credentials.

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