PKP's Pumps Ensure Skincare Precision with External Spring Designs

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With its external spring design and increased output of 4cc per stroke, PKP's DPS4-E pump stands out as the best choice to prime a diverse range of viscosity products. The wide variety of shapes of the actuator heads allows for easy dispensing and also matches various containers.

An external spring design offers several advantages over internal spring designs in pumps. Firstly, it simplifies maintenance and reduces the risk of contamination, as the spring is located outside the fluid path, minimizing contact with the product being dispensed. Additionally, external springs typically provide more consistent and reliable performance, as they are less prone to wear and tear compared to internal springs.

The DPS4-E's external spring can be particularly well-suited for skincare formulas. As skincare products often contain delicate ingredients that can be sensitive to contamination or degradation, it is essential to minimize the risk of exposure to external elements.

The pump's design helps maintain the purity and integrity of skincare formulas by reducing the potential for contamination from the pump mechanism itself. This design also simplifies cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that the pump remains hygienic and reliable for dispensing skincare products. This consistent and reliable performance ensures accurate dosing and dispensing, allowing users to achieve precise application and consistent results with each use.

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