Pumps that Protect and Dispense: PKP's DPS1 & DPS2

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The integrity of a product and its durability are determining factors to successfully gain brand loyalty. Repeat purchase is a must for any product to succeed, and sometimes issues that arise after purchase don't lie in the formula itself, but in the packaging that delivers it. That's why PKP's DPS1 and DPS2 pumps are engineered to both dispense and protect, catering to a wide array of products that react to metal springs.

Both solutions were designed with an external spring. This innovative approach acts as a protective shield, ensuring your valuable products never come into direct contact with metal. There are no contamination nor oxidation concerns – PKP's pumps guarantee an unadulterated, pristine product every time.

But it's not just about protection; it's about performance. With remarkable efficiency and flawless execution, these pumps elevate the priming process to make any routine an enjoyable experience. It's a statement of quality, innovation, and dedication. Don't settle for the ordinary. PKP's pumps are ready to redefine your product dispensing journey.

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