Heat Transfer Film (Foil) is decorative motifs or decals which are pre-printed on the carrier film. Glue and Protection agent are also pre-printed, and it is decorated by Heat Transfer Printing Machine with heat and pressure in single step. Heat Transfer Film can be printed on plastics, and glass or lacquered materials if you apply special pre-treatment.


Heat Transfer Film is 100% custom made under customer's requirements, such as design, size and application. To make the most suitable foil, we always request our customers to test some foils in advance to check the resistance, machine and production adjustment. Through this prior confirmation and checking, we guarantee trouble-free launching of your new products.


Advantage of Heat Transfer film is not only its easy operation, but also the variation of decorative finish in one process. Varieties of surface finish can be realized by gravure / screen printing methods such as following examples (*Multiple combinations are also available):

  • Multi-colored high quality print up to 11 colors 
  • High definition and photographic picture image
  • Small and fine letters 
  • Metallization by real Aluminum, Tin or Chrome made by Vacuum evaporation
  • Half Metallization 
  • Metallic colors
  • Frost (Matte) finish or combination of Matte/Gloss finis
  • Smooth Gradation 
  • Pearl / Polarized Pearl and Polarized Metallic colors
  • Glitters
  • Transparent and translucent colors
  • Combination of multi-finish
  • More effects: Having long experiences in Building material printing, we can also realize Wood, Brushed Hairline, Carbon fiber, Celluloid or 3D look-alike images by Gravure Printing which could make your products look like made by real materials.


We would exploit characteristics of each printing methods. Not only just one printing method, we can apply different printing methods so called "Hybrid printing" such as Gravure + Silk Screen, Silk Screen + Digital..etc.


As motifs, Glue (to attach the motif on the object) and Release (for surface protection) layers are all pre-printed on the film, decoration can be made in just one step. Operation of Heat Transfer Film is much easier compared to other printing methods such as direct printing or pad printing.
 Print just in one process:
 Clean Operation


 No need to mix’n blend inks, clean the machines after use, or wait till motifs dry:

Heat Transfer Film is a “Dry” printing method. Just set up a foil roll on Heat transfer machine, switch on and see motifs printed one after another with heat and pressure at high speed. Please also note that no toxic solvent or agent is used on the production. All materials used in our Heat Transfer Film are in conformity with EN 71 Part 3 or other safety regulations (please check with us for details).

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