Preco's hot stamping foils meet both physical and visual decoration requirements

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Preco supplies not only tailor-made multi-colored heat transfer foils, but also ready-made hot-stamping foils in a variety of colors with various applications. This decorative endless film offers a great way to add value to consumer products through decoration.

Hot-stamp foil color variations:

  • High opacity White and Black
  • Standard pigment colors & KYOTO foils (hot-stamp foils especially color-themed to Japan)
  • Glossy or Matte metallic colors

Supported applications:

Preco's hot stamping foils are ideal for a variety of products in order to enhance the overall appearance with a clean, finished design. Some of the popular markets are listed below.

  • Cosmetic packaging 
  • Personal care
  • Oral care packaging
  • Writing instruments
  • Small home appliances
  • Textiles (*pre-printing glue by silk-screen printing is required)

In addition, Preco can also prepare foils with graphic patterns and custom-made heat transfer foils with a continuous pattern are also available. As a specialist in the packaging surface decoration industry with nearly four decades of experience, Preco offers tailor-made color matching using product samples or pantone colors, in addition to special effects and finishes for a distinguished look that really stands out. 

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