Authentic-looking wood grain achievable with Preco’s heat transfer foil

Thanks to years of accumulated knowledge through our experience in building decoration material for mass production, advanced data processing, and printing solution die engraving technology, our heat transfer foil achieves to reproduce a high definition, authentic-looking wood grain patterns.

Astonishing visual impact - from natural to abstract:

Wood grain pattern will be tailor-made for each customer based on their design.  Not only genuine wood pattern for natural look, but also creational and abstract wood patterns for stylish look can be realized. 

In case you don’t have any particular design of wood grain patterns, we can offer some recommendations.

Various Surface Effects:

Metallization, Matte, Gloss, Partial Matte, Pearl… etc. can be added to surface to give a rich and deep appearance to a wood grain pattern.

Environment Friendly Solution:

There are some wood materials which are banned to be used for packaging production due to environment protection reasons. Our heat transfer film can give you an alternative to print pattern on plastic material to substitute such banned pattern.

And of course, our wood grain pattern is forest-protection decoration method as it is not made by real wood.

Wood grain heat transfer foil can be supplied as a roll of continuous pattern or a roll of repeated frames one after another according to specific printable area.

Not only wood grain, but also other materials such as leather, hairline, brushed metal, carbon fiber, and many more can be reproduced in high definition image.

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