Pujolasos Helps Carlotha Ray Incorporate Sustainability Into the Beauty industry

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When Carlotha Ray decided to expand her business beyond sustainable footwear and into the beauty industry, it soon became clear that the essence of her brand needed to be carried through, regardless of how different the company's new products would be.

That's why, when designing her first collection of fragrances, sustainable materials were a top priority, as much as the elegance and sophistication expected of a luxury brand. The core identity of the company had to translate at every level. The result was spectacular: sleek glass bottles made of recycled ingredients, topped with Pujolasos' 100% sustainable wood cap.

At Pujolasos, we know how to work with wood, how to maintain and convey refinement, while still incorporating the most important asset for any business to succeed going forward: true sustainability. Contact us here to learn more about our polished and high-quality wooden packs and closures.

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