Natural Packs for Natural Cosmetics

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Win over young beauty gurus with nature-inspired cosmetics!​ 

In the highly competitive landscape of the beauty industry targeting younger generations is key for long-term success. Millennial and gen-z influencers are taking over social media with powerful new brands, but they are also actively seeking to create a positive impact that raises awareness over social and environmental issues. Incorporating wooden packaging in cosmetics is the easiest way to significantly distinguish your product from competitors and convey a message of responsible and sustainable practices.​

With Pujolasos anyone can easily upgrade their packaging game with eco-friendly wood solutions. A prime example is the 8-refillable eyeshadow palette developed for Boho Green Make-Up, which exemplifies how beautiful natural alternatives can look when infusing a brand's personality into packaging design. ​

The tactile warmth of wood complements the palette's natural origin, creating a cohesive and visually appealing package that resonates with conscious consumers.​ This thoughtful combination of eco-friendliness and design innovation derived from natural ingredients, not only showcases a commitment to environmental consciousness but also reinforces the product's natural origin, creating a harmonious blend of sustainability and style.

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