Pujolasos and Melyacii Stand for the Beauty of Being Unique

  • Pujolasos

Innovation thrives on diversity, much like the distinct beauty found in every piece of wood and every lipstick. This parallel reminds us that individuality is at the core of beauty. Working in collaboration with Melyacii, Pujolasos developed a series of lipsticks that stand not only as an irresistibly attractive product but also redefine the brand's purpose by representing women of color in the beauty industry.

  • Crafting Distinction: Just as wood grains each tell their unique story, lipsticks become exclusive canvases of expression.
  • Echoes of Representation: We acknowledge the invaluable contribution of Kelly Njike to Melyacii, championing inclusivity in the beauty industry, particularly in France.
  • Beauty Beyond Borders: The fusion of diverse wood textures and representation underscores the universal truth that beauty transcends boundaries, flourishing by embracing differences.
  • From Nature to Identity: As wood's story intertwines with lipsticks, it mirrors the narrative of individuals—a harmonious blend of natural authenticity and the celebration of personal stories.

In a world where innovation accentuates individuality, let's cherish the beauty of being unique.

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