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Euro Eco-Textile Evolution​

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​Fashion Forward, the textile industry navigates Euro Eco-Revolution.​

The impending European sustainability regulations in the textile sector bring challenges and opportunities for businesses. Illustrated by Spain's SCRAP system, emphasizing Extended Producer Responsibility, companies face fees for each garment entering the market. ​

Compliance requires integrating eco-design for more durable, recyclable, and reusable garments, with a digital passport providing production and environmental details. ​While adhering to regulations may raise costs, it also allows businesses to distinguish themselves through sustainability. ​

To stay competitive, companies, particularly exporters, must innovate to absorb these extra expenses. ​Calls for unified customs efforts aim to ensure products entering Europe meet the same sustainability standards. Sustainable fashion entrepreneurs seek favorable taxation to offset environmentally friendly practice costs, aiming to inspire more companies to voluntarily embrace sustainability.​

Pujolasos' Journey into Sustainable Innovation

Discover the future of sustainable beauty with Matsos®, the latest innovative brand by Pujolasos. Matsos® is not just a brand; it's a commitment to shaping a greener tomorrow through groundbreaking solutions. ​

​Witness the transformative power of Renew, our first innovation that turns waste textiles, denim, leather, and fibers into exquisite caps for fragrances, personal care products, and makeup packs; digging into the principles of the circular economy, essential for reducing waste and fostering sustainable economic growth. ​

At Matsos®, quality is paramount, and our dedication to excellence permeates every aspect of our production process. ​

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