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Raptor Packaging pricing reduction- only while stock lasts

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It’s easy to source and save through the Raptor Packaging marketplace. Raptor makes sourcing products from multiple suppliers possible with just the click of a button. Now, for a limited time only, Raptor has a pricing reduction on existing supplies of plastic pumps and caps. 

What kind of great deals can you find in this sale?

Plastic caps are part of this sale and are going for amazing prices. 24-410 Disc Top Caps are only two cents a piece!

Are you looking for lotion pumps? 28-410 P/P White Lotion Pumps are ready to ship for just 5¢ a piece.

Grab these great deals while you can. These markdowns are only while existing stock lasts. 

The Raptor Marketplace is the best place to order packaging directly from the manufacturer. Customers can put multiple products from different manufacturers in one shopping cart easily. See what other packaging solutions are available on the Raptor Marketplace today. 

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