Versatile Range of PET Bottles in Stock Now at Raptor Marketplace

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The range of available items ready to ship from the Raptor Marketplace has just grown. IntraPac International LLC has joined the Raptor Packaging Marketplace as a vendor initially offering a variety of PET bottles.

IntraPac offers an expansive packaging product line that meets the highest standards of consumer goods companies by utilizing innovation and technology to achieve superior quality, value, flexibility and reliability.

The bottles are ready to add to your shopping cart and are ideal for food, drink, spirits and more. They include a wide range of sizes and shapes, including:

  • 60ml round PET bottles ideal for miniature liquor bottles
  • 175 ml (6oz) Tapered Oval
  • 100ml (3.3oz) Symmetrical Flask Bottles
  • 500ml (16oz) Metric Round Bottles

Buying a full pack in one place is simple. When shopping on the Raptor Marketplace, combine these bottles with caps from other vendors with the click of a button. Put SKUs from various manufacturers into one shopping cart and checkout easily.

IntraPac’s history has roots of more than a century in the industry. They continue to update technology and to innovate by delivering new products and designs, and also understand the difference service can make in the success of your packaging project.

Satisfaction is their primary objective and versatility is their means to ensure your packaging success— from design, through trials, to commercialization.

Check out the catalog to see what items are available.

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