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    1 oz Black Medical Grade Child Resistant Graduated Glass Dropper with Long Bulb (20-400)

    Our 1 oz Black Medical Grade Child Resistant Graduated Glass Dropper, includes a 76 mm graduated lead-free pipette with a 20-400 Ribbed Skirt Child Resistant top. 

    Medical Grade Printing

    The benefit of this new ink is it uses a printing method called “permeation.” Whereas black ink is done via silk screen printing which can “react” with certain products, Our new permeated ink has been lab-tested & has been proven to be Non-reactive.
    Above all, the 76 mm graduated straight tip glass pipette with dropper has graduation marks at .25, .5, .75, and 1 mL baked into the pipette which holds up to the most corrosive solutions.

    Long Monprene Bulb

    In addition, our 1 oz Black Medical Grade Child Resistant Graduated Glass Dropper has a dispensing output between 0.5 mL – 1.0 mL of liquid per stroke. This item has a 20-400 neck finish. For instance, the first number refers to the diameter (in mm), and the second refers to the closure depth, style, and thread.

    Polypropylene Material & Child Resistant Seal
    This 1 oz Black Medical Grade Child Resistant Graduated Glass Dropper features a black monprene bulb. Child resistant graduated glass droppers require two separate motions to open, making it challenging for children to open while remaining senior-friendly.

    Therefore, in order to open, you will need to push down and twist counterclockwise to open. Above all, this dropper is great for a variety of uses from aromatherapy and essential oils. 


    Reference - Manufacturer Part Number
    GB18-020 / 76mm Black (Dropper Printing) (LF)
    Packaging TypeCaps, Lids. Dispensing Closures. Cosmetic Components
    Packaging Sub-TypeCRC Closure. Bulbs, Pipettes, Droppers. Cosmetic Droppers
    Market - MajorBeauty, Personal Care. Eating, Drinking. Health. Home Care. CBD/THC, Hemp
    Market - SegmentMedical, Diagnostics. Wellbeing
    Market - End UseAromatherapy
    Geographic AvailabilityNorth America


    MaterialsPlastic. Plastic - PP. Glass
    Available ColorsClear. Black


    Volume - Nominal1 oz
    Volume Range10 - 99.99 ml


    Height76 mm


    Neck Diameter20 mm
    Neck Threads400


    Items per Case
    Standard Pallet Quantity
    Standard Pallet Count
    Standard Pallet Height64 Inches
    Standard Pallet Width48 Inches
    Standard Pallet Depth42 Inches
    Standard Pallet Weight950 Pounds
    Sketchfab ProductNo

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