Roberts Metal: Ahead of the curve on godet manufacturing

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Roberts is one of Europe's leading trade manufacturers of godets (pressed powder pans and dishes) for both wet and dry colour cosmetics. Produced at its state of the art facility in London, Roberts has developed a unique manufacturing process over the last five years enabling low cost/high quality, consistent production output.

Tooling is held for a range of shapes and sizes although normally new tooling is designed and manufactured to order, ensuring an exact match for the compact or outer case.  Roberts' design team ensure that that the required godet tooling is developed and manufactured using the very latest technology and in accordance with the customer's anticipated annual volume, keeping tooling costs at a realistic level.

Roberts' godets can be manufactured in both aluminium and tinplate, depending on the filling method required for the end product. Packaging specifications can be tailored to meet individual customer needs. The company's experienced technical and sales team can take on just about any project a customer in the colour cosmetic space brings to the table.

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Roberts Metal Packaging works with client Proctor & Gamble to develop and manufacture the metal jar for King C Gillette’s Soft Beard Balm

Roberts Metal Packaging worked with client Proctor & Gamble to develop and manufacture the metal jar for King C Gillette’s Soft Beard Balm and has since received the highly commended award in the Metal Pack of the Year category at the UK Packaging Awards 2020. Released during lockdown in May 2020, the King C Gillette range already accounts for 20 per cent of sales from Gillette’s online store.

A 'Softline' approach from Roberts Metal Packaging offers the flexibility that brands require

Roberts Metal Packaging has well over a century of history, but in recent years it has been the development of the Softline and Softline Extreme lines, in conjunction with investment in state-of-the-art automation which has firmly placed the British company on the packaging map for packaging buyers. As the sustainability movement sweeps across the globe, metal packaging is riding a new wave of success as beauty brands are once again looking to natural packaging solutions that enhance the brand's CSR ideologies, protect the product and look good.

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