Safe and efficient spreading with the HP-2 from Spripac

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With its easy, single-valve operation, our economical HP-2 sprayer is popular for dispensing a wide variety of concentrates including lawn/garden chemicals, cleaning solutions and auto/marine care products.

One of their customers Tergent has had some great success and wonderful response for their product Tercol that are applied for removing algae, dirt and mildew.

Not only is it safe around family enviroments, it also does the job easy. Without making the consumer forced to mix the chemical with the water, HP-2 makes that mixing for you.

Would you like to have your product has its own innovation together with on-shelf value that makes your product shine within the home & garden market?

Then contact Spripac for more information and samples that they can provide.

They also have completed and ISO-8317 certified canisters that goes with the HP-2 which makes it even more safer for the end consumer.

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