The Mixor MP spray trigger makes it safer for everybody

  • Spripac

Spripac offers their Mixor MP spray trigger, a trigger that will make spreading easier with high quality and efficiency.

The trigger comes included with an ISO-8317 certification if the customer looks to use the custom-made neckbottles made with Emballator 500 ml and 750 ml bottles in PEHD or in the latest solution with Promens 1 Litre bottles.

If that doesn't convince you enough for Mixor MP’s safety, we can assure you that kids will have a hard time spraying freely with the trigger considering the lockbutton the consumer will need to press down in order to turn the nozzlehead.

Feel free to contact Spripac for inquiries and samples. They’re looking forward to get in touch with you. They also hold black as well as white in stock.

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