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Consumers are unique and require a personalized beauty experience. SR Packaging has simplified the consumer's beauty routine yet still catering to their requirement for a personalized experience.

The solution is the Airless Shuttle.

Airless Shuttles are a multi-cartridge airless concept designed and manufactured by SR Packaging in Taiwan. The shuttles are offered as a 2 in one, 3 in one, or 4 in one choice, each of which perfectly serves the trend for personalized beauty treatments with customizable possibilities.

Manufactured to be eco-friendly, each PCR airless cartridge uses 70% plastic less than a conventional piston-type airless bottle. The packs work will all viscosity variations and have excellent chemical compatibility, and the airless housing facilitates their use for clean beauty formulations.

Convenient dispensing choices

Skin-friendly, organic ingredients are good food sources for bacteria. Without preservatives, natural-based content can fail consumer expectations. Airless packaging provides the best solution to avoid this. 

Targeting a safer product commitment and extending commodity shelf life, the Airless Shuttle offers two ways of dispensing for wider variations: a sprayer for the mist products, and a pump for lotion, oil, or balm.

Airless Shuttle key benefits

  • Simplifies beauty routine
  • Amplifies hoped-for results
  • Supplies bespoke treatments
  • Presents only the 'essentials' in a pack
  • Helps consumers clear the clutter in their cabinets
  • Enables tailored services so consumers feel special
  • Increases the chance of repurchases
  • Ideal for any routine — hair, facial, skin, make-up, grooming, baby, cbd treatments and more...

"The Airless Shuttle has been designed for the modern consumer. Not only can it provide a personalized selection of treatments, it's convenient size helps the consumer avoid unecessary clutter in addition to being lightweight and easy to carry for on-the-go touch ups.

The packaging is aligned to present day requirements. The airless cartridges are ideal for natural skin concepts, while the PCR plastic saves manufacturing materials considerably.

Ultimately, the flexibility of the pack is what consumers like most. Because the Airless Shuttle is ideal for 2-, 3-, or 4-step routine combinations, consumers benefit from a personalized blend that is tailored to their own unique needs."

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