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Innovation is core for global tube manufacturing success

  • UDN Packaging Corporation
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Innovation is at the heart of UDN Packaging and one of the principal reasons that the company can name some of the world's most well-known beauty brands as its customers. Hubert Wang demonstrates the tube manufacturer's recent tube offerings which are at the cutting edge of cosmetic tube design and manufacture.

Hubert, what is your role at UDN Packaging Corp?

I am the head of the marketing and sales department therefore my key responsibility is for developing new marketings and customers.

UDN Packaging is very well known worldwide as an innovative tube provider. The company holds multiple patents for its products and works with most recognized beauty brands around the globe. In order to maintain its competitive edge, UDN works on prudent planning and communications in the short term as well as long term. It is not something which happens by chance, therefore as director of marketing and sales, I, like UDN, am always very active.

What are UDN's most recent tube innovations?

Our research and development team is always exploring inspiring ideas to innovate the effectivity of our tube packaging and keeps discovering new concepts. As packaging gets 'smarter', UDN's tube innovations have gotten increasingly inventive.

UDN's recent tube innovations include the new comb tube which was launched at LuxePack —known as the premier show for creative packaging— and proved to be an interesting product, as recognized by many customers.

The mini tube in a tube is a good example of continuous improvement. The original UDN tube in a tube was popular with personal care brands for daily care routines, such as hair care and hair treatments. The mini tube in a tube is helping us open up to the color cosmetic, facial care and cosmeceutical markets.

The function of having 2 separate formulations that only mix together for use is pivotal for the cosmetic and skincare markets, as previously many products could not be packaged together in order to maintain the integrity of each formulation.

An outstanding design feature is the 3-orifice applicator on the tube in a tube which enables the formulations to be presented in different ways. The advantages are obvious, especially with complimentary and costrasting formulations, as the effect can be spiral or striped when the product is squeezed out.

Do UDN's tubes also have sustainable credentials?

Yes. UDN takes sustainability very seriously. We have been offering PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) tubes for many years, and we use material that offers the best capacity for recycling.

Our one-piece tube has been accepted by brands looking for a highly sustainable pack, since the product was first developed in 2004. The 3rd generation of the UDN one-piece tube was launched last year and in addition to being a single-piece product which integrates the cap and tube into one for easier recycling, the 3rd generation one-piece tube can save up to 50% of the weight when compared to a conventional flip top cap tube. This translates to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Customers can also select 100% PCR or bio-resin material to enable a really 'green' product.

As beauty brands are increasingly active to utilize sustainable packaging, we also offer tubes in bio-based packaging materials which is an option for both tubes and caps.

How does UDN stay at the cutting-edge of tube design and manufacture?

An integral part of UDN's business strategy is to focus on unique designs. Our company's R&D department is highly creative and skilled as demonstrated by the ownership of over 75 product patents.

UDN also invests in its future. We have introduced an advanced production facility and incorporated new machinery. We have also added a new polytype 8 color offset printing machine which ensures photo-like quality for tube printing. With all of these efforts we can provide our customers with a more vivid print quality and reduced lead times. These are important factors for customers when choosing a tube packaging manufacturer.

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