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UDN’s 2021 Semiannual Report Highlights Sustainability and Business Growth

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As one of the top innovative companies of tube packaging, UDN keeps striving for excellence in the consumer experience, leading innovative design thinking and maintaining a steady release of popular innovative products. 

Despite the global challenges, UDN’s has continued making steady progress in 2021. The company’s 2021 Semiannual Reports showcases the business growth, popular innovations, and new products. 

UDN’s Continued Growth

LVMH Group reported a 56% growth in revenue in the first half of 2021 compared to 2020 with a 10 times increase in net profit. In addition, UDN’s perfume and cosmetics business increased by 31%. 

In the first half of 2021, the top 5 customers of UDN turnovers have grown by 50%-100%.

The proportion of PCR products in UDN’s product categories in 2021 is four times higher than in 2020.

UDN is happy to report that they have returned to greeting its clients face-to-face. The company showcased its product offerings successfully at two in-person events this year- Shanghai Beauty Expo and LUXEPACK Shanghai. 

Technology Innovation

The introduction of automatic robotic arms in the injection process has achieved some results and it is expected to be fully promoted to the whole process.

UDN’s Best-Selling & Newly Released Tubes

Ophthalmic Tube

The Ophthalmic Tube is one of the hottest products from UDN, its top selling product. The pointed design makes it easy to control the squeezing amount. It’s good for summer protective sunscreen products and point-to-point skincare products.

Soft Tip Tube

The slanted soft TPR head of the Soft Tip Tube brings a soft and delicate touch to any application. It’s a great choice for lip cosmetics and lip care products.  

Twin Flip Tube in Tube

This packaging solution combines two tubes in one, a harmonious combination of two separate products. The independent double flip covers makes it easy to squeeze the contents out separately with no interference. It’s suitable for dual-function or two-step products.

Spinning Brush Tube

This 2-in1 with a newly textured design features a rotating kit to spin up the brush from the tube. It can be easily removed for cleaning. The brush helps evenly apply makeup and results in a fascinating user experience. 

The Roller Ball Tube

The metal roller balls give a touch of coldness to consumer’s skin in the scorching summer or to inflamed skin. Roll on  products easily from the fragile skin around the eyes to the corner of the lips and everywhere in between. 

One Piece Mist Tube

The light spray from this portable tube is the easiest choice for going out in the summer. It’s environmentally friendly and supports a consumer’s green lifestyle. This is the new choice for fashion icons everywhere.

Paper Tube

This environmentally friendly tuve is made from materials combined with paper and plastic. It’s a disruptive environmental protection technology that can be combined with UDN’s award-winning product the One Piece Tube. It reduces the amount of plastic used by 49%. 

UDN’s Certificates and Achievements

UDN has once again been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. It is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified enterprise. 

UDN is excited to see what the rest of 2021 and the new year have in store. It will continue to serve, design, develop, and commit to providing the best tubes to help your brand succeed and achieve the best user experiences.

 Contact UDN today to learn more about its catalog of tube products. 

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