UDN's Tube Solution for Mascara

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Mascara is an essential part of makeup kits and for many a daily tool. Conventional mascara designs have rarely moved away from the traditional rigid bottle body, however UDN has brought a fresh mascara design to the market, by using a flexible tube for the body. 

By having a more flexible tube for mascara, users can more easily manipulate the product inside without having to strain the mascara wand. This can increase product usage, meaning consumers can make the most of the product and enjoy an improved user experience. 

The new tube shape also opens up new possibilities for branding and visual impact, providing a flatter and wider space for decorations as well as a more striking shape design. 

UDN can apply a range of decorative services to the tube to add an extra touch of luxury such as glossy black body with shiny golden lids and accents.

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