Sunshine: A highly sustainable 65mm aerosol over cap

  • Weener Plastics

Weener Plastics recognises the market's need for high-quality, cost-efficient and eco-friendly products. Therefore it has developed the 65 mm aerosol over cap called Sunshine in conjunction with partners in the industry to set a new market standard for the next decade, without changing product dimensions. Although it looks the same as other 65 mm caps, this version is unique in the market and distinguishes itself from the competition.


Sunshine is automatically layer-packed by a robot, which leads to a higher packaging density. An incredible increase of more than 25% can be packed in one box, on a pallet and in a lorry. In addition, thanks to the solid layers and firm stacking, the caps remain perfectly round shaped, resulting in substantial efficiency improvements on the customer’s high-speed filling lines.

Lightweight yet impeccable

Despite the lightweight design, Sunshine has impeccable quality. The selected raw material maintains the mechanical properties and ensures dimensional stability of the moulded caps.


The Sunshine overcap is —like other mono-material over caps— 100% recyclable. The cap is also offered in PCR to further minimize environmental impact.

The material saving, as well as the efficiency improvement and logistical benefits, give a considerable reduction of the carbon footprint.

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