Made with PP plastic, the twin Chamber Airless Bottle from Yonwoo lets companies put two products in one sleek package.

Consumers choose to dispense the product together or separately.

Ideal for consumer mixing of creams and lotions at point of dispensing.

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Yonwoo’s 2 Way Applicator Tube provides two different delivery systems for cosmetics. When consumers remove the cap they unveil a sponge tip applicator for blending. Product is released through a hole in the center of the sponge. Pointed and domed sponge applicators are available for different cosmetic products. When consumers unscrew the sponge tip, there is a doe-foot tip in the tube that is used for precise application. The 2 Way Applicator is the ideal package for lip and cheek products. It also works great for under eye concealer and lid primers.

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