PKG Group submit Drug Master File to US FDA: Bringing Skin Care Packaging Innovation To Healthcare

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This year saw leading cosmetic packaging supplier PKG Group, triumphantly move into the healthcare market with the launch of their new division, meaning the best of Korean Innovative design and speed-to-market solutions were now applicable to healthcare and pharmaceutical markets.

PKG Group LLC, the parent company of Yonwoo/PKG has taken the next step of evolution in supporting the healthcare market by partnering with The Global Regulatory Agency “Freyr Solutions” to establish and submit its Drug Master Files (DMF) #037391, to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This exciting development has the potential to open up PKG Group’s eclectic collection of 400+ stock items to the world of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Customers can browse through the impressive range of tubes, bottles and jars to find a solution to enhance their product and the user experience.

Pharmaceutical companies can repurpose and give new life to their existing treatments by combining them with the new innovative and specialized packaging provided by the beauty market.

As the healthcare industry is constantly advancing through new delivery methods, drugs that were once consumed orally or by injection are being developed into more direct and convenient topical treatments.

Patients can benefit from the specialist applicators, features and innovations found in the catalog such as twin chambers, mix chambers, CRC packages, cooling ball applicators, powder dispensers and of course a wide range of airless packaging to cater to the new demand.

PKG Group specializes in bringing new innovative takes on airless packaging, as seen in its offering of Metered Dose Airless Tubes, an ideal solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Not only can the tube provide airless protection and controlled dosing, but it also offers a more sustainable choice by using substantially less plastic than other conventional airless packs. 

We are committed to providing our customers with the broadest range of innovative and high-quality airless dispensing systems available. We believe that our products offer the finest metered dose delivery and formulation protection for semisolid topical and dermatological skin care products, and we are confident they will meet the high standards our customers require for their FDA drug formulation and potentially combination product submissions.”- Simon Kassas, Managing Director of Healthcare of PKG Group.

For more information see the full press release.

Healthcare Highlight: Airless Jumbo Series

PKG Group’s Jumbo Airless series is an ideal option for healthcare products seeking to benefit from the protection of airless technology. The series includes a wide range of sizes suitable for concentrated treatments or larger packs, with bottles starting at as small as 3ml up to 300ml.

The bottles are designed with a wide cylindrical shape for a clean and professional look and customers can choose from the different Jumbo editions depending on their preferred style.

You can select from a classical Jumbo design that uses a smooth and curved pump head or for another variation see the Ultra Jumbo that features a flatter design with a pointed dispensing point.

Additional features include a twist lock mechanism found in the Simple Look Jumbo to prevent accidental presses and a retractable orifice in The Hidden Nozzle Jumbo, protecting the opening from outside contamination.

Find more and see the full range of Jumbo Airless Packs in the catalog or contact Yonwoo/PKG

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