The GLA Pump: Recyclable One Material Pump with Standardized Neck Sizes

  • Yonwoo/PKG

GLA is the eco-friendly GCMI pump series, that can be used in collaboration with glass or PET bottles for a recycle-ready package.

The NEW GLA pumps are made using Yonwoo/PKG’s One Material pump engine for effortless recycling after use.

With three standard neck finishes in 18-400, 20-400, and 24-410, the GLA pumps have the versatility to be paired with a variety of our glass bottle offerings or as a stand-alone pump for your choice of standard neck finish bottles you wish to pair it with.

With GLA pump’s professional clean design and the option of standardized neck finishes, this pump offers plenty of combinations for your product needs.

See the DODU bottle as an ideal pairing for the GLA pump.

For more information contact Yonwoo/PKG or see the full catalog

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