Yonwoo/PKG Group Sustainable One Material UL Pump Engine for Dip Tube and Airless

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Yonwoo/PKG Group has a wide selection of sustainable packaging to assist brands on their eco journey, with designs to support the circular economy through the 3 R initiative of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The NEW 0.15CV One Material UL Pump Engine has arrived. Further increasing the range of sustainable options, the popular UL pump series, which fits on Yonwoo/PKG's large range of Heavy Blow PET bottles, now comes with One Material Engine in both Airless or Dip Tube styles.

The UL Pump Engine reduces the amount of overall plastic needed in production, encourages reuse as product engines can be refilled and above all has been designed with recyclable materials 

This eco-friendly pump is only composed of Poly-olefine material (PP/PE). The One Material UL Pump offers a recycle-ready pack for consumers with a metal-free pathway, keeping the formula safe from any unwanted reactions. 

The One Material Pump Engine is a 100% polyolefin system comprised of PP and PE, and is designed to fit our existing lines of airless and dip tube packages.

This patent pending design replaces the traditional metal spring found inside pumps with a PE bellows spring, and replaces POM with recyclable PP, so the whole package* can be recycled in one piece!

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