Yuga International releases a new anti-breakage lipstick pen

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Yuga International Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide range of cosmetic containers, both stock and custom. Their latest release, the SP3099 lipstick pen, was designed with the intention of holding and protecting a lipstick bullet from breakages and is already drawing the attention of cosmetic manufacturers due to its stylish design and innovative functionality.

The elegant pen consists of a black, cylindrical ABS collar with a height of 87.3mm and diameter of 16mm and a translucent cap, made out of an ABS and PETG composite, measuring 40.5mm by 17.5mm. Together the combined height comes to 108mm: a slim design, made to fit easily into a purse or handbag.

For full customization potential, the product features a large decoration space to display brand logos and product information, split into three different sections: the cap, the top, and the bottom of the collar. This gives companies full control over decoration to suit the brand’s needs.

Excellence is assured with Yuga due to their wide range of quality checks. The company is known for the precision of their manufacturing processes due to their professional aluminium and plastic component production sites combined with their quality assurance team and management.

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The relationship between cosmetics and fashion is one that is becoming increasingly close as the two support and complement one another. When the company CEO has a background in fashion clothing, that distinction is lesser as Mr Victor Wu, CEO of Yuga knows only too well. Sharing his professional knowledge about fashion and trends, Mr Wu explains how the requirement for immediate satisfaction is essential to Yuga's full-service growth in the cosmetic packaging industry.

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