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Yuga launches new web site to include 3D product gallery and online catalog

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At Yuga, we focus exclusively on the production of cosmetic packaging items. All of our experience and know-how is geared towards producing the finest cosmetic packaging components possible.

In order to provide a better and more immediate service for all our visitors, we have launched a brand new web site that features both a searchable online catalog and an exclusive 3D gallery to ensure that you can see our products and their specifications.


Modern, responsive catalog search

The digital catalog showcases Yuga's classic items and latest designs, and each product has detailed specifications along with a clear image. For the user, it is a modern and responsive web site design which is easy to browse from any device.

The exclusive 3D gallery hosts Yuga's popular innovations and has the added benefit of allowing any user to freely customize a product with individual packaging color, decoration, printing, and brand image without having to learn new technical skills and without having to download a special design program.

Yuga's 3D gallery is simple to use and it works well with any latest browser version and internet access, so that beauty companies can incorporate their branding directly into the design and see the finished result in just seconds!

Click here to request access to the 3D studio

The latest industry news and product launches will be regularly updated so that visitors can connect directly with Yuga and stay ahead of the game by seeing the company's freshest new products first.

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