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Early Warning Systems For Maintenance In The Plastic Packaging Industry
MENSHEN is one of the world's leading suppliers of plastic packaging solutions. Through predictive maintenance, MENSHEN aims to increase and secure the technical availability of its injection moulding machines. By using the AI-based warning system, MENSHEN has successfully reduced the number of unplanned maintenance breaks and lowered our overall maintenance costs while reducing energy costs.
Condensa Expands Global Services

Condensa adds a new line of products into their product catalog after deciding to expand services to the global market by importing and selling accessories and additional packaging elements.

Frosted Glass Packaging: Elegant Pink and Amber
Premium Pack Ltd.
Premium Pack offers glass packaging in various styles and finishes, making your brand more distinguished on the shelves. Frosted glass packs are available in full or gradient colors to create a sophisticated look, such as elegant misty pink or amber. The range includes jars, and bottles that can be paired with pumps, droppers and caps which are available in aluminum, plastic and PCR:
BlueSky's New Website Goes Live
BlueSky is happy to announce the launch of its new website,, following a successful rebrand in 2022. As part of the rebrand, BlueSky has seen major investments into facilities, expanding its manufacturing capabilities, as well as a sleek new website.  The site features a new striking layout with improved user-friendly navigation. You can find BlueSky’s latest products and innovations, whether you are searching by product type, product material or even by market sector.
Laser engraved logos look their best on Pujolasos' wooden caps

At Pujolasos you can easily customize your project by engraving your logo on the cap. Taking advantage of the wood's natural design, textures take center stage to elevate the identity of the final product; that's how we bring to life core values such as respect for the environment and sustainability.

ROBINSON Receives FSC Certification
Robinson Packaging
Robinson is delighted to announce it has received FSC ® certification (Licence code: FSC-C186000) for its Paperbox division. FSC certification ensures that all products produced at Paperbox are sustainable. FSC-managed forests help provide clean air and water by restricting hazardous chemicals and following strict harvesting and forestry practices. Their work also helps ensure a diversity of animals, trees and plants as well as providing safe working conditions for everyone involved.
SHB Packaging: Designs inspired by women
SHB Packaging

SHB Packaging celebrates international women's day with its girl-power-packed models the POEL and POEL-K 300ml bottles with the POLO IV closure. The POEL and POEL-K bottles have been designed with a strong and balanced shape, with additional curved contours sculpted into the face of the bottle. Not only is this reminiscent of natural forms and body shapes, but it also works to frame and extenuate branding. 

Aluminium Packaging for Cosmetics and Personal Care
Roberts Metal Packaging offers a wide range of stylish aluminium packaging for cosmetics, toiletries and other bathroom essentials, including pre-threaded screw caps for bottles and jars, small containers (ideal for creams, balms, putties and gels) and pressed powder godets for colour cosmetics.
OCR Glass: Refillable, Recyclable and Stylish
March 2023, NEST-FILLER PKG launched its One Click Refill GLASS jar which is refillable and 100% recyclable. OCR-GLASS reveals a sleek and smooth appearance, offering the easiest refill technology at the same time with its patented one-click refill system.
The Brush Tube is your best helper!

The Brush Tube, coming in different sizes and decorations, comes complete with a thick brush head applicator. Not only does the tube have an expert function for applying color comprehensively to hair strands, the tube's design also allows for a compact pack that fits neatly in the palm of your hand.