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Green is the goal for Giflor in 2020

Despite the countless challenges presented in the global market during 2020, Giflor has decided to further intensify its environmental efforts as the slogan chosen by the company indicates, "2020: two times green". It testifies that this will be a decisive year for the sustainability challenge, a challenge that Giflor has been at the forefront of for some years now. From products to processing, sustainability is at the heart of all company projects.

In stock and ready to ship: Quadpack’s solutions for the cleanliness trend
Quadpack offers a range of hand sanitizers bottles that answers the needs of customers from all over the world. Made in Europe packs are available from Germany in a 50ml version, with a screw cap and reducer, and in a 250ml version, with a flip-top cap. Quadpack’s hand sanitizers bottles stocked in Australia are offered in 50ml versions with a flip-top cap and in 100ml with a disc-top cap.
Premium Jars Offer Sustainable Beauty
Berry Bramlage
Berry Bramlage is launching a range of premium jars that enable cosmetic and beauty products to create a strong on-shelf presence and brand image while meeting consumer demands for more sustainable packaging. "At Berry, our commitment to sustainability informs the design and development of all our packaging solutions," comments Delphine Roux, Strategic Marketing Manager, Berry Bramlage.
Sustainably-sourced Optimum ECO fluid dispensing components
Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD has celebrated Earth Day by introducing a new line of sustainably-sourced Optimum ECO dispensing components, including syringe barrels, pistons, end caps, and tip caps, into its product portfolio. These components are molded using up to 96% bio-based Polyethylene resin derived from sugarcane.

Stylish airless bottle from Korea
Illupack offers a number of airless bottles for cosmetic brands and its ILLU15011 airless bottle has been designed with a number of high-end touches for a more luxurious look.
Weener Plastics receives ISCC Plus accreditation
Weener Plastics

Weener Plastics believes in a circular economy and is committed to reducing the use of fossil feedstock. The company has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus accreditation for its use of sustainable raw materials.

New packaging for Vedett's peppermint cans
The Box b.v.
The Belgian beer brand Vedett was looking for new packaging for its peppermint cans. The company was looking for a tin the size of existing peppermint tins that would be suitable for use in the hospitality industry.
500ml HDPE Bottle – Available Now
Robinson Packaging
Robinson UK is delighted to announce that from the start of May we will be adding a 'Boston Round' 500ml HDPE bottle to our standards portfolio. The bottle is suitable for hand sanitiser with a wide range of caps, pumps and dispensers, including our own flip-top closures and simple refill cap.
Up-market sustainable plastic cap dropper

Now it's possible to be more environmentally friendly without having to give up a luxurious image, and all with a package with brighter finishes, thanks to the new line of Virospack Sustainable Plastic Dropper Collars. Available in a glossy coloured finish that looks luxe and glamourous and that premium cosmetics consumers will love.

PP and PCR Skincare Range
Toly is constantly at the forefront of the ongoing drive for greener and more eco-friendly packaging. Working with PCR enables us to offer brands a more sustainable business model in the beauty sector ensuring consistent environmentally friendly product packaging.
Protect and prevent illness with custom made and branded Hand Soaps and Sanitizers
KBL Cosmetics
Now more than ever we must protect ourselves from illness and viruses by using preventative measures. Using hand soap and washing hands frequently is key, but hand sanitizers are also useful in reducing the spread of illness, especially on the go. That’s why KBL Cosmetics is dedicated to helping consumers by producing formulated soaps and sanitizers, which can be custom made and branded for any company. Capable of creating and branding any capacity of hand soaps and sanitizers, KBL Cosmetics not only supplies the formulas, but provides the packaging as well.
Pack provides effective branding solution

The right type of packaging is a powerful form of marketing. This has been ideally demonstrated by a unique pack and display solution developed and produced by Superfos, a Berry Global company, for Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Company, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading producers of quality sweet and savoury snacking products.

BONA Pharma's P# nasal pump with precision dosage
Bona Pharma

BONA Pharma has introduced a new nasal pump into its portfolio. The P# nasal pump is available in a range of neck sizes and closure types and has a round actuator that makes it ideal for medicine spray delivery for adults and children.