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Choose Lyophilization Stoppers that Allow Flexibility in Vial Blowback Options

Selecting a container closure system (CCS) is an important part of the pharmaceutical commercialization process. It is important to ensure that the components selected are compatible with the drug product to be packaged; however, it is equally important to ensure that the components are compatible with each other. Here we provide background on the importance of correct pairing between vials and stoppers.

What is a durable cap? Ningbo Sengcze has the answer

The bottle cap is an important part of food and beverage packaging, and it is also the first place consumers come into contact with products. The bottle cap has the function of keeping the contents of the product closed, and also has the functions of anti-theft opening and safety, so it is widely used in bottled products, so the bottle cap is the upstream industry of the food, beverage, wine, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

APC Packaging Releases In-Stock PCR Jars & Caps

APC Packaging has recently released the in-stock 50% PCR Jar & Cap Series to meet the sustainability needs of skincare and beauty brands worldwide. The new heavy walled PCR jar and cap is comprised from recycled materials. The PCR GSPP mono-material jar and cap is comprised of 50% Polypropylene (PP) and 50% PP Post Consumer Resin (PCR).