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Metal Packaging: Europe's Premier Manufacturer

Choose from our standard product ranges or customise through decoration, embossing and styling options or, if you need a packaging solution which is entirely bespoke, we can design and manufacture tooling to your exact requirements. Whatever you’re looking for in metal packaging, you’ve come to the right place.

World's 3D Promo: New Oil & Vinegar Closure (FM 873)
Introducing the new FM 873 Oil/Vinegar Flip-Top Closure, designed for the food industry and available in all colors. This closure features a folding hinge that displays "closed" on the warranty label prior to the primary opening. Once the closure is opened using the ergonomic handle nose, the guarantee label tears off and is securely held by the closure, now displaying "open." Key benefits of this closure include convenience, as there is no need to tear off guarantee rings or tabs, and it is senior-friendly, allowing for easy opening without the risk of injury or effort.
Customizable Child Resistant Closures
Tirrit’s CP1061 Child Resistant Closure can be manufactured in a range of different closure sizes: 28/400, 28/410, CP201, and GL28 Tamper Evident. Instructional images can also be embossed into the cap and extra user-friendly feature. All closure sizes are customizable to meet the customers' product range.
Crafting Charm: TAMIL's Artisanal Wood Bottle Caps

TAMIL specializes in crafting custom wood closures for glass and plastic bottles, emphasizing quality and aesthetic appeal. With ninety years of industry experience and advanced technology, they provide personalized support from wood selection to design optimization, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to budget constraints.

Matsos: Recycled Leather Caps for the Beauty Industry

By reusing leather waste from the fashion industry, Pujolasos collects, treats, and transforms it into high-quality materials. Matsos Leather is incredibly versatile, allowing the development team to combine it with other sustainable materials such as cork and wood waste.

Marble Effect Spherical Caps: Classical and Artistic

Using a marble effect is a classic and artistic touch to add a more unconventional and sophisticated element to your packaging. Prime Production produces spherical marble effect caps in a collection of colors and effects. the as designed to fit FEA 15 bottles, meaning it will be easy to incorporate this ceramic-look cap to your accompanying bottle.

Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging with MayPak
MayPak Packaging
Bamboo packaging appeals to environmentally conscious consumers who prefer sustainable and natural materials. This can enhance brand loyalty and attract a growing market segment focused on sustainability. The natural and high-quality appearance of bamboo can give products a premium feel, potentially justifying higher price points.
Closure Options for Industrial Oil-based Liquids

Menshen is transforming industrial fluids packaging with innovative pouch closures. Oil-based liquids must be handled with utmost care, and cutting-edge closures designed for the industrial sector prevent accident spills and product loss.

Introducing the Perfect Duo: VLD & Hair Droppers!

Introducing the Perfect Duo: VLD & Hair Droppers! The VLD is a squeezable bottle with a controlled dose system to prevent overuse and waste. The Hair Essence Dropper is made with durable PET with oval or straight-edged oval cap options.

A TricorBraun Guide to Corks and Stoppers

Cork stoppers are highly regarded for their effectiveness as closures in various industries, particularly in wine and spirits packaging. Explore the benefits of cork and learn what cork sizes you need for your line of products with the help of TricorBraun

UDN Mascara Tube- The Perfect Choice for Eye Products

Well-designed packaging for liquid eye products, such as the UDN Mascara Tube, can help consumers easily apply mascara to their lashes, achieving the perfect makeup look. UDN, a leading provider of innovative and professional packaging solutions, has successfully partnered with globally recognized beauty brands like NYX and Make Up Forever, offering eco-friendly options that align with their diverse market positioning. By doing so, UDN helps these brands convey their commitment to sustainability in all aspects of beauty and personal care.

Welcome MeaSURE™ 2 for Shampoo Week!
Welcome MeaSURE™ 2 for Shampoo Week! Our latest self-measuring, automatic-dosing closure ensures precise and mess-free dispensing, making it ideal for shampoos, conditioners, and other personal care products. With improved dosing accuracy and ISTA-6A e-commerce certification, MeaSURE™ 2 delivers both convenience and sustainability.
How to Select the Perfect Cosmetic Jars to Enhance the Shelf Life and Appeal of Your Beauty Products

Choosing the right type of cosmetics jars and packaging is crucial in the beauty industry. Not only does the packaging protect and preserve your products, but it also significantly influences customer appeal and brand perception. In this detailed guide, APG explores the essential factors to consider when selecting the ideal sizes of cosmetic jars and containers and accessories that will enhance both the shelf life and aesthetic appeal of your beauty products.