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COPCO's sample packages for premium skincare products
COPCO Packaging

As the epidemic has eased, the market has gradually warmed up. Brands are actively giving out more free samples, which have been proved to be a helpful way to bring back more customers and boost sales. Seeing this demand COPCO is introducing a different type into the market which looks exquisite and is of premium quality, making them a great choice for high-end lines.

Giflor Closures: Consistently trusted by Tulipan Negro
Tulipan Negro bath gels stand out not only for their refined formulations, but also for their modern packaging that packs a strong visual and emotional impact into every product. It's no coincidence that the closure system chosen by Tulipan Negro is, once again, produced and designed by Giflor Closure Technologies.
UDN’s Spatula Tube Offers Unmatched User Experience

UDN Packaging Corporation continues to offer innovative tube packaging solutions with their Spatula Tube Series. These unique tubes provide a soft and clean choice for skincare or cosmetic products.  Give consumers the chance to pamper themselves with the spatula’s soft silicone or TPR material. They enjoy a clean and mess-free user experience with added convenience.

CR tins keep children and pets safe
Tin packaging is a great way to keep products safe and fresh. And stylish decoration on the metal exterior can make tins particularly captivating to children. But how can kids, or pets, be stopped from accessing the product inside? Hoffmann’s patented and customizeable child-resistant tins offer a safe solution.
Tamper-evident eye dropper bottles
Bona Pharma

Bona's eye dropper bottles can be sterile and are available in capacities of 5ml up to 15ml and can be produced in different colors according to customer preferences. The bottles are offered with tamper-evident caps so that the consumer is assured that the formulation has not been compromised prior to use.

Virospack makes the impossible, possible

At first, it seemed impossible! It was very complex to reach our quality standards with a noble material like wood, but at Virospack, we did it! Now, we can offer the market a wooden dropper cap, without plastic threads or glue, and with a very low environmental impact.

Woodacity, making the impossible possible
Wood is technically challenging. Quadpack Wood faced the challenges and, after years of research, is launching Woodacity, a patented full-wood solution that matches sustainability with innovation. The first members of the family are three monomaterial caps for fragrance and skincare.