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Protect and prevent illness with custom made and branded Hand Soaps and Sanitizers
KBL Cosmetics

Now more than ever we must protect ourselves from illness and viruses by using preventative measures. Using hand soap and washing hands frequently is key, but hand sanitizers are also useful in reducing the spread of illness, especially on the go. That’s why KBL Cosmetics is dedicated to helping consumers by producing formulated soaps and sanitizers, which can be custom made and branded for any company. Capable of creating and branding any capacity of hand soaps and sanitizers, KBL Cosmetics not only supplies the formulas, but provides the packaging as well.

Giflor's classic and customizable Mushroom Caps
With their classic design, Giflor's Mushroom Closures are a timeless solution for any cosmetic, personal care, and health care products. The attractive and distinctive shape, flip-top opening, and different finishes of these plastic caps for evergreen pack solutions suit different brand attitudes and philosophies.
Pack provides effective branding solution

The right type of packaging is a powerful form of marketing. This has been ideally demonstrated by a unique pack and display solution developed and produced by Superfos, a Berry Global company, for Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Company, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading producers of quality sweet and savoury snacking products.

Adella Line

A simplistic square design made entirely out of cardboard and available in five sizes all housing an integrated mirror in the lid.

A premium touch to the most exclusive fragrances

Luxury packaging is all about the senses – fine decoration, weighty components and nice touch are some of the features that customers usually connect with sophistication and elegance. Answering to these expectations, Quadpack has just launched its line of Zamac caps.

Virospack's new Duomix Twist & Shake

Virospack presents a new powder-dispensing system for two-component extemporary products. It's a new proposal in packaging for mixing powder with liquid formulas or liquid with liquid, with a novel design and a greater capacity.

Dropper Bottles
APackaging Group
Enhance your brand with our dropper bottles. Dropper options include plastic droppers, glass droppers, push droppers, and twist droppers. These droppers are ideal for beauty and personal care.
It's green, it's sustainable, it's a tube!
Sustainability means different things to different brands. LageenTubes is at the cutting edge of cosmetic tube development taking on the industry's challenges head on to overcome them and its focus sustainability is no different.
Where sustainability Is standard: Aptar Beauty + Home, North America, announces significant launch of Post-Consumer Recycled Resin implementation for stock product solutions

In an effort to support a circular economy, Aptar Beauty + Home, a leader in dispensing and packaging solutions for the consumer packaged goods industry, is converting its locally-produced stock black closure portfolio to PCR. This launch deepens the corporate commitment to create reusable, recyclable, recycled or mono-material product solutions that meet the high level of quality expected by the industry.

Tethered closure designs meet EU requirements
Berry Bramlage
Berry Bramlage has unveiled a range of new closure designs that meet forthcoming EU single use plastic legislation. The solutions involve additional strands or tabs on the tamper-evident band that keep the closure attached after opening and enable easy reclosing of the bottle.