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AMARI, the streamline, refillable PCR Airless Bottle for gender-neutral skincare solutions
SR Packaging

The updated version of PCR Airless Bottle, AMARI, is one of a kind, minimalist packaging design. It is built for gender-neutral skincare solutions as the beauty trend had slowly shifted beyond gender differentiation. More and more companies are providing personal care solutions both for men and women based on specific skin conditions. As of today for many, improving self-esteem by using beauty products is no longer a privilege but a daily routine.

Rosa likes her skincare and make-up rituals to have a spiritual side
Over the past few months, as part of the new Trend Roadmap, we have introduced you to Quadpack’s new tribe of virtual personalities. Each one of them expresses a driving tendency in the here, now and future of the beauty and fragrance sector. They are there to help you keep you ahead of the curve in a consumer landscape that is increasingly nuanced. This month, representing the Oracle trend, we are introducing Rosa.
Trista airless

Requests for airless have been steadily growing. Hearing customers' voices and requirements for airless packaging, GCC PKG's new airless bottle range, Trista, is available in 6 capacities in a fully recyclable PP bottle that works with all types of formulation viscosities.

PCD New York 2019 conference program announced: Future Beauty Packaging Live
ADF&PCD New York
Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design (PCD) has announced its program for the fourth annual ADF&PCD New York conference, held September 17 & 18, 2019 at the Altman Building & Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. The program — a mix of interactive conference sessions and private, invitation only workshops presented by industry superstars —will give packaging professionals in attendance a one-stop, one-location opportunity to witness the industry’s latest technical innovations in speed-to-market, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and luxury.
Spray bottles prove ideal for airline products

One of the principal problems that airline products face is leakage. It happens because of the pressure differential when the plane is flying at high altitudes. In order to solve this problem for customers, COPCO has launches this series of spray bottles to stand up against such rigorous circumstances.

IMS's 5ml cosmetic jars
IMS Packaging
IMS Packaging offers an extensive selection of cosmetic jars for make-up and other beauty products. The company's 5ml options are available in both round and square and can be customized to fit branding.
Ardagh partners with Mountain Culture Kombucha
Ardagh Group
Ardagh has partnered with Mountain Culture Kombucha to introduce a new 12oz glass bottle design for its kombucha, which features a convenient, twist-off cap. In an effort to differentiate its products, Mountain Culture Kombucha chose to package its product in a 12oz glass amber bottle that would offer UV protection for the live organisms within the kombucha.
Californian wine brand Böen partners with Guala Closures and SharpEnd to launch first NFC-enabled wine bottles in the United States

Californian wine brand Böen, part of Copper Cane Wines & Provisions by Joseph Wagner, announces itself as the first United States wine brand to deploy Near-Field Communication technology to date. This new technology, developed by technological visionaries Guala Closures and SharpEnd, gives consumers instant access to information about the wine they are purchasing simply by tapping the bottle’s cap with their smartphone.

Amcor designs lightweight PET bottles for pasteurized beer in Brazil

Amcor has adapted its leading-edge design technology to develop the first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for pasteurized beer in Brazil. The company designed custom 600 milliliter containers for beverage maker New Age Bebidas, Leme, São Paulo, that feature the beauty of a glass-like, champagne-style base combined with the convenience of lightweight and shatter resistant PET.

Tapì presents Signature Wood Inspiration craft effect
Tapì Group

Tradition and design, resistance and quality. Unfinished wood is still the undisputed king of craft packaging. Using it requires experience and professionalism, which is the secret that makes this timeless material a cornerstone of Tapì Signature Wood Inspiration closures.

Lightweight PET jars from Roma
Roma International

As a new addition to the company's established and competitively priced rigid PET jar range, Roma is pleased to announce the launch of its lightweight PET jars that are ideal for use with hair care formulations, bath salts and lighter cosmetic products.

Texen reveals a jaspé décor for Armani's Acqua Di Gioia caps
Texen Group
Acqua di Gioia fragrances have an airy new pared-back design. To accompany this more elevated look, Texen was asked by Armani to create a jaspé effect for a cap in four different shades. The four fragrances are now sublimated by the crystalline beauty of a thick-walled bottle and a pebble-shaped cap with a mottled jaspé finish set in Surlyn, making them unique.
Albéa receives the 2018 ETMA
Albéa has received the 2018 ETMA Tube of the Year award for the Caudalie shower gel tube. French beauty brand Caudalie selected Slim Cap + Thin Wall, Albéa’s eco-designed tube to rethink in a more sustainable way its range of shower gels Thé des Vignes.