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Falling for Family Packaging

Package families often contain a series of products requiring multiple delivery methods with a uniform design or similar appearances. Yonwoo/PKG's families of packages are a classic way for brands to present holiday gift sets, multi-step routines, or to elevate their primary look.

Pujolasos chose wood to do good
At Pujolasos we have strived to reconfigure the market and provide sustainable and environmentally responsible products that look and feel like the high-quality solutions that they are. Wood is our raw material of choice because of its versatility, sustainability, looks, and performance.
Foam Mousse Pump with Cleanser Brush
MayPak Packaging
The Facial Cleanser Foam Pump Bottle incorporates a cleansing, scrubbing brush applicator directly to the bottle. This works to streamline skincare routines as users do not need an extra tool to complete the application.
Color Matching and Decoration at Anomatic

Anomatic specializes in delivering eye-catching customization for brands, with a number of decorations and finishes to choose from. The team will work with you to produce brand-specific colors for both anodized and metallized packaging in multiple finishes. Stunning, elegant, glamorous, classic, mesmerizing, fashionable — Anomatic’s decorative finishing options allow your products to make a statement.

Giflor's new 730 is now without valve
A cap that prevents the product from flowing out correctly, with too little or too much dosage, can make the user experience frustrating to detrimental effect. How can this be avoided? And how can perfect dispensing be assured in every situation?
Discover KM Packaging's laminate tube closures and shoulders
KM Packaging

KM's laminate tube closure range offers a rather large variety of closures in different shapes, colors, and sizes. This specific type of closures are most often used for hand creams, cosmetics, and toothpaste; being an overall great solution for both the beauty and personal care industry alike.

Roberts Metal Packaging and Shea Yeah aluminium metal jars received the Highly Commended Award in the Metal Pack of the Year
Roberts Metal Packaging's 75ml and 50ml jars made from 0.25mm recyclable aluminium were selected from the Roberts Softline Aluminium Jar range, which structurally have soft radii and a smooth texture. The aluminium metal jars received the highly commended award in the Metal Pack of the Year – Promotional, Decorative & General Line category at the UK Packaging Awards 2022 .
Benefits Of Working With Altium Packaging
Altium Packaging

Altium Packaging can elevate your brand through innovative packaging solutions via a state-of-the-art design studio. From beverages to healthcare to specialty chemicals and more, they have a product for just about every market.