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Tubes Packaging News

At Luxe Pack New York, Neopac Announces New Cosmetics Tube Line in US Facility, and Launches Polyfoil® Sensation
Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging and dosing applications for pharma, beauty and oral care, highlighted several recent product introductions and capability enhancements at Luxe Pack New York, May 8-9. At the company’s exhibit stand, Neopac introduced a new cosmetics tube line, along with a handful of its latest tube packaging innovations.
Cosmetic Tubes: LDPE
Cherng Mei

LDPE is a flexible and lightweight material, making it easy to squeeze and dispense the product with precision. The soft and squeezable nature of LDPE tubes allows for efficient product usage, ensuring that customers can easily access and use the desired amount of product without wastage.

Explore Top-Tier Healthcare Packaging Solutions at PKG Group

PKG Group has transitioned into the healthcare market with the launch of its new division, meaning the best of Korean Innovative design and speed-to-market solutions are now applicable to healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. See the five benefits of choosing PKG Group as your healthcare packaging partner.

UDN Mascara Tube for Liquid Lipsticks
Compared to creams, liquid lipsticks have a more natural and better makeup effect, so packaging design that facilitates application and precise control of volume has become an important part of lip products. Mascara Tube with flocking head are favored by brands because the built-in brush or sponge tip makes it easiest to apply lip glaze accurately and evenly, as well as outline the lip line with ease and maintain clean. Today we would like to share four liquid lip products brands that UDN has collaborated with, bringing packaging inspiration for lipsticks products.
Yuan Harng's Sustainable Tube Collection
Yuan Harng
Yuan Harng has made it its mission to supply, not one, but a wide range of sustainable solutions to brands that can be incorporated into key models. Among the eco-friendly innovations of Yuan Harng find: Bioplastics, PCR, Soyink, Biodegradable tubes, Reduced plastic lightweight options, and more soon to come!
Win Social Media with Viva's Sustainable Tubes and Sticks

Kao Ban's new deodorant packs, crafted by Viva in North America, feature sustainable designs crucial for captivating Millennials and Gen-Z. The new line of products comes in beautiful serene green tube and stick designs accentuated with the coveted spot velvet varnish.

100% PCR Monolayer Tubes
Axium Packaging
Axium is a company that specializes in providing top-quality tubes and closures for businesses. Products are expertly engineered and come with several advantages. For instance, Axium offers up to 100% PCR in monolayer tube sleeves and headers and up to 88% PCR with virgin inner and outer tubes. Axium has in-house tube and closure manufacturing capabilities, which significantly shortens lead times.
Spotlight: Customer Collaboration is Key to Bringing Circular Solutions to Market Faster
Berry Global
Berry Global partnered with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. to improve the recyclability of food packaging with MXD6, a high-performance barrier solution for extruded articles, such as thermoformed items and extruded plastic tubes and bottles. The MXD6 barrier is recyclable up to 12% and received Critical Guidance recognition from the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), validating its compatibility with the Polypropylene (PP) recycling stream. Using MXD6 helps eliminate the performance and compatibility limitations of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH), including limited recyclability and reprocessing issues that cause degradation and contamination, and offers an alternative during material shortages.
DIOR chooses COSMOGEN's Needle Tube for its Capture Totale HYALUSHOT
COSMOGEN's Needle Tube brings to DIOR's Capture Totale HYALUSHOT the surgical precision of an aluminium applicator "inspired by professionals and as fine as a needle to target every wrinkle and remove them". The tube's aluminum finish gives it a luxurious touch and ensures better preservation of the formula.
The Tube Stick: Best of Both Worlds
NF Beauty Group
Meet the Tube Stick, which fuses together two types of packaging to create a refreshing package offers plenty of benefits to brands.  By combining a traditional tube and stick, Tube Stick allows for various decoration opportunities. with the option to offset print on the larger overcap. The new Tube Stick offers a cost-effective solution to decorate with an unlimited number of colors.
Custom Injection Molding Basics & Contracting Service
APG is a cutting-edge supplier of cosmetic injection molded bottles offering a wide variety of materials, styles, and designs that can be customized to fit your individual product. Injection molding is a production method used to mass-produce plastic parts and products in large volumes. It involves injecting hot, liquid thermoplastic into a mold cavity under high pressure; once there, it cools down and solidifies to take the shape of its mold cavity.