Tubes Packaging News

UDN’s Spatula Tube Offers Unmatched User Experience
UDN Packaging Corporation continues to offer innovative tube packaging solutions with their Spatula Tube Series. These unique tubes provide a soft and clean choice for skincare or cosmetic products.  Give consumers the chance to pamper themselves with the spatula’s soft silicone or TPR material. They enjoy a clean and mess-free user experience with added convenience.
Giflor wins gold for innovation - again!

Giflor has once again proven that it is a leader in the pursuit of producing innovative packaging which conforms to both the desires of brands and consumers. The Italian closure manufacturer is proud to announce that its patented Eco Low Profile 772 mono-material tube system has received a top award during the Tube Council's prestigious 2020 Tube Of the Year Awards.

A solution for every need
We have over 500 products in our catalogue including sticks, roll-ons, lip sticks, jars, make-up containers and rigid tubes that represent the perfect synthesis between advanced technology, research of materials and design
EPL’s Platina is world’s first fully recyclable packaging tube
Essel Propack

EPL Limited (formerly known as Essel PropackLimited), the world’s largest specialty packaging company, has received global recognition from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), USA for its Platina Tube with an HDPE closure. EPL’s Platina is the first fully sustainable and completely recyclable tube in the world, including shoulder and cap, to get this recognition.

Tubeplant's 360 tube print technology
Tubeplant is a market leader in tube production for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with 2 decades of experience. The company's production process ensures a short manufacturing time along with superior print quality.
Innovative & safe customer interaction - AWANTYS Group presents extended range of sustainable packaging solutions at the industry’s first virtual trade show Webpackaging LIVE
AWANTYS Group is showcasing its sustainable packaging innovations and extensive portfolio of standardized cosmetics packaging components at the industry’s first digital trade show Webpackaging LIVE. The entire portfolio of more than 1,000 designs can also be browsed at AWANTYS’s digital showcase.
PET: It's Not Just Another Bottle
Raptor Packaging

When selecting PET (polyethylene terephthalate) as a bottle material you will rely on your supplier to choose a 1-stage or 2-stage manufacturing process. Each will produce high quality bottles but each also have advantages and disadvantages that you should understand.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dual Syringes
Nordson EFD
Nordson EFD offers disposable dual syringes and static mixers that provide controlled mixing and placement of two-part epoxies, adhesives, sealants, gels, pastes, and compounds used in a range of DIY home improvement, automotive, health and beauty, and dental applications.
CTL-TH Packaging (CTL Packaging) collaborates in the fight against COVID-19 with the manufacture of flexible tubes for hydroalcoholic solutions
CTL-TH Packaging
The CTL-TH Packaging group, one of the leading companies in the packaging industry of flexible tubes with plants in Vitoria (Spain), Barcelona (Spain) and Vichy (France), launches a specific production plan for flexible tubes for the packaging of hydroalcoholic solutions at a European level, in order to quickly serve its customers, reducing delivery times from the usual 60/80 days to 15 days.
High-volume Filling - KBL Cosmetics an Industry Leader
KBL Cosmetics
Our facility and equipment allow for high-volume filling of a multitude of product in tubes, bottles, jars and pots, airless pumps, regular and slim-sized lipstick cases, and so much more. KBL Cosmetics is an industry leader in Contract Manufacturing and Private Label for personal care/cosmetic items.