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Tubes Packaging News

You Imagine It, We Tube It
APC Packaging offers tubes for various formulas and application methods. Unique tips and functionality are available to meet your formula as well as your brand requirements.
Tap Into San Ying's Cutting-Edge Solutions
SanYing Packaging

San Ying works with major players in the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions like its customizable Flat Oval Laminated Tubes, designed to cater to a wide range of cosmetic applications, including BB creams, sun care products, lotions, and more.

Neopac Showcased the Latest Tube Innovations & Sustainability Advancements at CPhI
Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging and dosing applications for pharma, beauty, and oral care, highlighted several product introductions and sustainability advancements at CPhI Barcelona, the world’s largest pharmaceutical trade show, held October 24-26. At the company’s exhibit stand, Neopac introduced two of its latest innovations in the tube sector while also highlighting its recent RecyClass A rating for the entirety of its Polyfoil® MMB tube range.
Brushed Metal ABL Tubes
SR Packaging
SRP's decoration technique mimics the unidirectional satin finish on metal and creates an aesthetic pattern on ABL tubes to give them a brand new look.
UDN Tubes For Foundation: Part 2

UDN has a deep understanding of the packaging needs of foundations and skin creams and a wealth of experience in design and production, driven by its close cooperation with the world's top beauty brands. UDN is committed to providing consumers with an experience that is both convenient and precise, ensuring that every application reveals the product's optimal effect.

Unrivaled 30ml Needle Nose Tube
APG's needle nose tube is perfect for skincare and beauty products and is made of LDPE and ABL laminated materials. Facial creams and formulations can be safely dosed in precise areas of the face to apply cosmetics where it is most needed without waste or mishaps.
TricorBraun Scores 9 Wins at the 2023 NACD Awards

The annual NACD Packaging Awards are a renowned industry competition featuring the top packages in North America and Canada. TricorBraun has consistently been a top NACD award-winner, earning recognition for packages that showcase the best of what it does for its customers!

Seriplast's Micro Roll-On's
Included within Seriplast's ampoule packs are the company's micro roll-ons. Provided in 2 different 1ml formats, the micro roll-ons are ideal for luxury samples, fragrances, highly concentrated serums and liquid formulations that benefit from rollerball application.
Aluminum Designs: The AL Tube
NF Beauty Group

The AL Tube is versatile with plenty of space for branding and the potential for eye-catching decoration applied to the aluminum. This recyclable AL Tube minimizes the use of plastic that is seen in traditional tubes. The malleable aluminum offers a premium feel with its natural weight and cold-to-the-touch feature.

Squeezable All PP Dropper

The PPDR B16-1008 is the Squeezable All PP Dropper package that offers convenient one-handed dispensing in an easily recyclable pack. The droppers is less fragile and more compact than traditional dropper designs.