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Falling for Family Packaging

Package families often contain a series of products requiring multiple delivery methods with a uniform design or similar appearances. Yonwoo/PKG's families of packages are a classic way for brands to present holiday gift sets, multi-step routines, or to elevate their primary look.

UDN sucessfully participates at Cosmoprof Asia 2022!
UDN successfully participated in the Cosmoprof Asia 2022! Thank you to all clients and partners for joining us at Singapore Expo this year! UDN innovative tubes attracted many clients partners and vendors from US, UK, southeast Asia etc. It's really exciting that One-piece tube, Tube in Tube and other eco-friendly products are popular.
Discover KM Packaging's laminate tube closures and shoulders
KM Packaging

KM's laminate tube closure range offers a rather large variety of closures in different shapes, colors, and sizes. This specific type of closures are most often used for hand creams, cosmetics, and toothpaste; being an overall great solution for both the beauty and personal care industry alike.

Laminate tubes for toothpaste
SanYing Packaging
SanYing's laminate tubes are ideal for toothpaste products. Offered in a variety of diameters ranging from 12.7mm up to 50mm, laminate tubes offer plenty of flexibility for tube capacity.
EcoFusion Top honored twice at German Packaging Award 2022

Albéa’s EcoFusion Top in combination with Thin-Wall and PCR-Max was awarded this week in the sustainability category as one of the overall 38 winners of the German Packaging Award. In addition, the tube received one of the 6 Gold Awards honoring groundbreaking innovations from among the winners.

ProAmpac DASLs the American Inhouse Design Awards

ProAmpac celebrated the 2022 American Inhouse Design Awards™ with a win for flexible inverted tube packaging. This unique packaging design was created by ProAmpac’s DASL Team at the company’s Collaboration and Innovation Center.

GEKA's Natural Mascara to reduce your CO2 footprint

GEKA’s latest natural mascara product comes complete with a cradle-to-gate CO2 footprint analysis.  Made of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resins – this product boasts of a 12% reduction in CO2, an equivalent of 15.2 g of CO2 vs. similar products made of virgin plastic.

Portable and practical: Acti Pack's Openstick
Acti Pack
Acti Pack's Openstick offers the simple use any roll-on provides and the portability of small tubes. Holding up to 75 ml of product, it's an ideal packaging solution for the beauty and personal care markets, particularly brands that target eyes, lips and facial skin.
Giflor seals the deal with its e-commerce E-closures line
Always looking to the future, Giflor's R&D department started developing closure systems specifically suited to e-commerce in 2003, with the creation of its E-closures line. These caps meet the needs of all major industries and are today globally recognized as a guarantee of style, functionality and a positive unboxing experience, without unpleasant surprises.