Tubes Packaging News

Neopac wins Swiss packaging award for first application of novel tube procurement service

Hoffmann Neopac has won a Swiss Packaging Award in the Marketing category for the company’s initial project involving its recently launched DigitAll360° tube procurement service. Introduced earlier this year with an online marketplace, DigitAll360° offers intuitive ordering of digitally printed tubes with high-quality variable printing, precision color matching, flexible batch sizes and expedited delivery.

Albéa Group and Oriflame strengthen long-standing partnership with the global relaunch of Optifresh toothpaste range

The “Optifresh” brand now features five recycling-ready, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) toothpaste tubes with screw caps, that leverage Albéa's proprietary Greenleaf 2 tube technology. Even with a thinner web and up to 20% less virgin plastic in the sleeve, this unique technology offers the highest barrier protection to light, oxygen, and moisture while saving energy.

Cherng Mei Offer Lip Glosses in Fun Shapes
Cherng Mei

Cherng Mei has an extensive catalog of cosmetic components. These include standard shapes and designs as well as fun, unique shapes that intrigue consumers. The collection of fun lip gloss tubes are available in a variety of shapes.

All-in-one application with UDN Sponge Tubes

Most consumers use make-up sponges when they apply foundation to achieve even coverage. However, extra time and attention are needed to clean and store the sponge or any other applicator they choose. It is far easier to provide an incorporated applicator that can be used alongside the product and discarded when it runs out. UDN Packaging has the solution with their innovative sponge tube.

Packaging for the Planet 2021 Conference

Webpac is proud to announce the launch of the Packaging for the Planet conference online in June 2021. The Packaging for the Planet 2021 Conference is the world’s first dedicated virtual event where brands and packaging suppliers come together to learn, network and collaborate for the good of the planet.

Which tube is best?

With decades of experience in the production of tubes, Spanish company Tubeplant is well-positioned in the tube industry. But, with different tube types available on the market, which tube is best?

Giflor wins gold for innovation - again!
Giflor has once again proven that it is a leader in the pursuit of producing innovative packaging which conforms to both the desires of brands and consumers. The Italian closure manufacturer is proud to announce that its patented Eco Low Profile 772 mono-material tube system has received a top award during the Tube Council's prestigious 2020 Tube Of the Year Awards.
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Innovative & safe customer interaction - AWANTYS Group presents extended range of sustainable packaging solutions at the industry’s first virtual trade show Webpackaging LIVE

AWANTYS Group is showcasing its sustainable packaging innovations and extensive portfolio of standardized cosmetics packaging components at the industry’s first digital trade show Webpackaging LIVE. The entire portfolio of more than 1,000 designs can also be browsed at AWANTYS’s digital showcase.