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Altium Packaging is doing its part in leading environmental stewardship by producing millions of plastic bottles with some of the highest percentages of post-consumer resin (PCR) content offered in the marketplace. Their processes and environmental initiatives demonstrate the value of sustainable practices, which is a value you can bring to your customers.

Altium Packaging continues to be at the forefront of the packaging industry in setting new standards for environmentally responsible packaging. This ecologically sustainable practice applies to everything from the containers they make to the impact of handling and logistics.

They also were one of the first manufacturers in the world to provide 100% recycled plastic bottles (excluding colorant) and are continuing to push the boundaries in PCR usage and lightweight packaging.

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EcoPrime can now be used in packaging for fatty foods and spirits

Envision Plastics confirms that the U.S. FDA has issued a letter of no objection regarding the suitability of Envision’s flagship product, EcoPrime, when used at levels up to 100% in HDPE packaging for fatty foods and spirits under FDA’s Conditions of Use A through H. The FDA letter makes EcoPrime the only post-consumer recycled HDPE resin for which FDA has granted a favorable review for use in packaging all food types up to retort temperature conditions.

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