A Fresh Perspective on Packaging

When it comes to food, the way it is presented can be just as important as how it tastes. Altium Packaging understands this and offers a wide range of packaging solutions that keep food and sauces fresh and enhance their appearance. From eye-catching designs to functional features, food packaging by Altium Packaging is both practical and visually appealing, making it the perfect choice for anyone in the food industry.

Altium's state-of-the-art packaging solutions are designed with aesthetics and practicality, offering visually appealing and ergonomic designs that enhance the user experience. Our facilities strictly follow food-grade standards to ensure that the packaging is safe for food use and meets all the legal requirements before reaching supermarket shelves. With Altium, you can trust that packaging is made with care and precision.

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Liquid Manufacturing Solutions – A Refreshed Look to Evoke Joy®

Joy® has been a household name in dishwashing liquid detergent since 1949. Liquid Manufacturing Solutions (LMS) approached Studio PKG with minor adjustments planned across three bottle sizes from 11oz to 90oz. Recognizing brand disconnects, the Studio PKG team encouraged LMS to revamp the bottles’ visual language to align with the Joy Brand. The outcome is a cohesive line of bottles, preserving a unified family appearance and effectively conveying the joyful essence of the product’s branding.

Altium Network In The U.S. And Canada: Your Market. Our Solutions

Does your product packaging stand out? Altium can help you choose packaging that works best for your product and your customers, whether it’s stock bottles or custom designs. Altium Packaging customers receive personalized assistance with the dependability, flexibility, and creativity our unique organization is known for through our network of more than 70 plants in the U.S. and Canada, 100 years of innovation, high-quality customer service, and nearly 4,000 dedicated employees.

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