Canadean Executing Shopper Insights London 2016

Shopper Trends; The Keys to Success

It comes as no surprise that shoppers are essentially the core drivers for product innovations, and Canadean’s event will offer a range of insight strategies for the food, drink, toiletry and clothing industries. Additionally, Canadean will also offer their own inside-out analysis on what shopper insights you need to stand-out on a packed retailer’s shelf.

A Retailer Focus

In many ways retailers remain the key figures in the insight world, providing a stage for brands to ultimately win the hearts and minds of shoppers. Executing Shopper Insights 2016 will have a renewed focus on how the communication between brands and retailers can be optimised so insights can be used to their full effect.

Innovation in Insights

The recent rise of new methods of measuring insights has made a huge impact to the amount and types of shopper data we can collect. This year’s event will examine the advantages of utilising eye-tracking insights for your packaging development.

Combining the experience and knowledge of both entrepreneurial and large global corporations, this is definitely a must attend for all of those who aim to stay at the forefront of product and brand development across Europe. With leading British and European brand and retailers including Coca-Cola, Britvic, Tesco and mySupermarket, this is certainly not an event to miss.

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