Canadean Dairy Innovation Summit 2016 Amsterdam

Canadean Dairy Innovation Summit was an excellent opportunity to come together to discuss the impact of the milk quota removal, but it also gave an insight into the exciting innovations taking place as the industry works to educate consumers of the health benefits but also on the wide ranging products on offer beyond just milk.

Building on the successful launch this year in Dublin, the Canadean Dairy Innovation Summit will be moving to Amsterdam bringing together the leading dairy cooperatives, manufacturers and private companies across Europe together for 2 days.

We’ll be providing an update one year on from the milk quota removal, more on the latest innovations, NPDs, expanding into international markets and much more to ensure you’re up to date and inspired to capitalise on this golden opportunity for growth.

Current most pressing topics the dairy industry wants to explore:

  1. Strategies to understand and meet consumer needs to forge stronger relationships
  2. Learning ways to adding value to the business and maintain industry reputation
  3. Exploring current opportunities in new segments such as health or sports nutrition
  4. Ways to be more innovative and attract new customers
  5. Embracing and adapting to current market trends and identifying the main growth areas

What will the event offer?

The 2016 gathering will provide the ideal forum to seek solutions to the current demands and exchange experiences and business ideas with colleagues in the dairy industry. A full 2 day event, it will offer a well prepared agenda packed with insightful presentations, interactive panel discussions and real life case studies, all delivered by a panel of high level speakers.

Who will be there?

Attendees will be able to network with like-minded peers from leading dairy cooperatives, manufacturers and private companies across Europe, as well as key experts who will be sharing their valuable insight on the most demanded topics.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain expert knowledge and strengthen your own strategies in the dairy industry. There has never been a better time for opportunities in the dairy industry.


Province: North Holland Country: Netherlands

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