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Why Attend the 8th Annual Pharma Packaging and Labeling USA

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The Pharma Packaging and Labeling USA conference attracts a diverse audience from big, medium and small pharma and biotechs from across the United States. Some of the major issues facing the pharma industry as a whole have solutions that lie (either in main or in part) within the realm of packaging and labeling and we seeks to create a highly focused event to aid our guests in tackling them.

Typical attendees include:

Director/ VP/ Head of:

Packaging and Labeling
Packaging (Packaging Projects, Development, Engineer, Design)
Labeling (Graphics, Artwork, Analyst, Control)
Global Labeling
Regulatory Labeling
Supply Chain
Product Security

What you will achieve:

Drawing on over a decade of packaging and labeling proficiency across the United States and Europe, the Pharma Packaging and Labeling Conference delivers a platform for our diverse attendees to work together to solve the pressing industry challenges. With high-level presentations covering all bases within the varied and complex world of packaging and labeling this truly is a must attend event.

The 2016 program promises to deliver the same quality sessions everyone has come to expect of the Pharma Packaging and Labeling event. Including sessions from both the FDA and US Customs and Border Protection there is a unique opportunity for our guests to get the latest on regulatory and import/export environment.

As well as this, there will be a real future-looking feel to the 2016 event. Now the serialization deadlines have been set and preparations are underway it is the time to innovate within packaging and labeling to ensure you are staying ahead of the curve for future modernization.

By attending the 2016 Pharma Packaging and Labeling Conference, guests will be part of a thought-provoking discussion, debating the best solutions for the latest challenges presenting themselves to the industry.

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