New jar lines, ready to provide brands with ways to give consumers only the best usage experiences

The Celina double-walled jar is an elegant packaging ensemble with a clean silhouette. The straight lines of its sides, the slight gap between the closure and the jar's body, and the gently rounded edges are characteristic of the line. Part of the HK portfolio, Celina is quite a visually attractive item. Celina also has a good amount of heft when held in the hand. Consumers associate the pleasant weight with an excellent and luxurious product experience.

The Xenia jar is extremely cutting edge and designed to be a show-stopper. When tailoring the jar to the needs of an international hair care brand, the goal was to use excellent materials while providing consumers with a better experience. Xenia is decidedly different, with a massive overcap closure system that encompasses the entire body of the jar's container. This translates into a huge amount of printable branding space on the surface. It is totally unique while remaining perfectly usable on a daily basis.

Our family of thick-walled jars has also expanded, now comprised of numerous ranges including Kyra, Kim, Ina, and others. Benefiting from our "Made in Germany" level of engineering quality, the thick walled jars are an excellent solution for all sorts of personal care and cosmetic products. 

Further adding to the appeal of our new jars is the use of several decoration techniques offered in-house at HK. Most recently, we have added stone lacquering as an option for surfaces. This sort of treatment can make the packaging stand out when compared with other items on store shelves. The lacquering offers consumers an unusual optical effect that draws the eye. The tactile sensation they receive when picking up the jars is both pleasant and unexpected.

In addition to hot stamping and stone lacquering, we also offer a number of techniques that can make your product stand out, including silk-screening, metallization, labelling, and more!

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