FENICE: a tottle to turn beauty products on their heads!

Shampoo for men? Body lotion for women? Who came up with the idea that beauty products had to be split by gender? At REBHAN, we’re ready to say goodbye to gender stereotypes and turn the market upside down with our FENICE tottle.

Whether it’s make-up, sunscreen, hand cream, beard oil or shampoo, FENICE goes beyond the most basic paradigms of gender to deliver a versatile packaging solution for everyone. Having a neutral shape, FENICE has been designed with an easy, simple squeeze dispensing flip top, and manufactured to be so small it fits in any handbag —or manbag—, it’s the ideal packaging to keep at home or take with you anywhere you go for a quick and easy application.

The 50 ml tottle is made of HDPE and has a special closure for screw-on caps and flip top dispensers.

Meet us at Luxepack Monaco on 3-5 Oct. (Booth DD02) and see the new FENICE line for yourself! 

Please contact us here for more of REBHAN’s innovative solutions.

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