OPTIMA in Heavy Wall PET: stability and strength for your cosmetic products

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Following the successful release of the COLONNA series, REBHAN expands its Heavy Wall PET range with the OPTIMA 30ml bottle. The attractive bottle has a number of advantages from sustainability to visual and tactile impact, adding extra value to your product.

Heavy Wall PET: The Strong Choice

Heavy Wall PET provides packaging with greater stability and strength compared to conventional PET. The quality thick walling of the bottle is positively noticeable on the shelf and in the hand of the consumer, giving your product an upmarket aesthetic and professional finish.

While Heavy Wall PET improves the look and feel of the packaging, it is still environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled the same as regular PET. To go a step further, the bottle can also be produced in rPET, a recycled material, upon request.

In addition, Heavy Wall PET bottles allow for a variety of decorative options to suit your brand, as bottles can be clear or colored and are easy to decorate.

The 30ml OPTIMA bottle is the first product available in the line, with more capacities coming soon. 

For more information see https://catalogue.certinapackaging.com/bottles/product/13642516/optima/

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