Modulo, a new bottle concept by Qualiform, is released

Often, personal care and beauty brands release complementary products in the same sort of bottle to ensure coherence with regard to a line's look. Qualiform has taken that idea and gone one step further by releasing the Modulo set of bottles. The bottles are comprised of a simple trio of bottles that fit together thanks to a clever series of tabs and slots to create a unified whole.

The exterior bottles offer elegant, rounded edges in an extended hemisphere while the centre bottle is rectangular. The interior facing sides of the outer bottles are flat with a sequence of small tabs and slots set into them, that jibe perfectly with the corresponding slots and tabs of the centre bottle.

Taken together, the bottles offer a perfect solution for a brand wishing to launch a set of personal care products, such as a shampoo, a conditioner, and a body gel or perhaps a toner, a moisturizer, and a wrinkle treatment. No matter what is being packaged, the concept itself is novel and jovial, adding a bit of fun to what is normally an everyday routine.

Available in capacities of 30ml, 75ml, and 100ml. The larger sizes are ideal for full scale, stay at home products that look great on a bathroom shelf or in a shower basket. The 30ml format is perfect as a travel aid, offering a consumer access to his or her favourite trio of products while away from home.  The compact size is perfect for airplane carry-ons and can fit into just about any weekend travel bag.

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