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Protecting the environment is becoming increasingly significant in our society. Due to clearly evident climate change and global warming, it is becoming ever more important to save resources and employ technology that does not cause harm to the environment. Certina Packaging (CP) does just that with Green Line.

Green Line is not just a line of products, but a new way of packaging providing bio-based, recycled, ocean plastic material and refillable bottles.

Certina Packaging's Green Line solutions offer different opportunities for beauty brands to engage pro-actively in their support for ecologically-friendly packaging with all the high level of functionality which the consumer expects.

The 3 companies which comprise Certina Packaging, each offer different green packaging options in order to provide customers with a complete selection of choices.

Bio-based material

Bio-based materials include plastics made from renewable resources such as corn, sugar cane, cellulose, and others. CP can use these bio-based polymers for PETG, PET, PE and PP products and depending on the chosen material, the percentage of bio-based material included in a bottle can range from small to very large.

One of the principal advantages of bio-based material is that it doesn't impact the color of the bottle, and it is certified as food-safe.

PCR plastic

Post-Consumer-Recycled plastic offers the opportunity to re-use plastic in a new format. It is the result of plastic collected for recycling which has gone through a cycle of collection, separation, shredding and washing ready to be used again in a brand new product.

CP is able to re-use PET and PE in this recycled form. In addition to re-using plastic waste, the new PCR material benefits from excellent mechanical properties and is 100% eco-friendly. The natural gray or green tinge of the finished product provides the consumer with a visual key to the amount of PCR that has been incorporated.

Ocean plastic

It's not just oceans that are filling with plastic waste, but beaches and rivers too, harming the flora and fauna that is populated there. Certina Packaging is now capturing this waste and using it to produce new bottles.

Up to 50% of Ocean Plastic can be incorporated into CP's bottles and when used in combination with recycled PET, a 100% recycled bottle can be produced.

Refillable packaging

CP's custom refillable packaging solutions offer brands the opportunity to support a circular economy, and these custom-made solutions can be made to the specific requirements of a brand.

Certina Packaging will be showcasing the Green Line at LuxePack Monaco. Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to join the conviviality at CP's special terrace, inspired by the Green Line.

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