Metal Avenue, Certina Packaging's Glass Polymer line with shimmery metallic appearance

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The New Square cubic bottle, produced by Rebhan, part of the Certina Packaging Group, has been given a brand new look with an incredibly eye-catching appearance.

Produced in Glass Polymer™ which benefits the look of real glass, but boasts the light and robust properties of plastic. New square is modern and yet timeless bottle.

Metal Look is the name of the new effect colours from Lifocolor with the appearance of precious metal - an effect that can replace time-consuming metallization processes. The combination of CP's New Square Glass Polymer cubic bottles coloured with a Metal Look masterbatch creates a surprinsingly extraordinary appearance.

The resulting effect highlights the softly shaped bottle design which the eye is immediately drawn to, through the special gloss effect, resulting in a bottle that is initially perceived as metal.

In order to "experience" this high quality effect in different nuances, Rebhan, in cooperation with Lifocolor, presents five sparkling colour creations called Metal Avenue, as the inspiration for these extravagant bottle designs came from some of the world's most iconic roads, avenues or skyscrapers with shimmering facades.

Metal Avenue is ideal for bold personal care lines that want to stand out on the shelf, offering a stunning accessory to any bathroom counter.

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