Which is your 'Elixir'?

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Strong and masculine with characteristic staunch shoulders, or subtle and feminine with soft, gentle curves that highlight the bottle's slim lines: Certina Packaging company Rebhan has introduced a new bottle into its portfolio of Glass Polymer standards.

For brands looking for packaging options that both complement and contrast, Rebhan's Elixir bottles offer two silhouette's that are easy to target towards specific consumer groups with stylish decoration.

The Elixir bottles are available in volumes of 30ml and benefit from the popular 18/400 neck, facilitating their combination with different closure styles, as well as CP's dropper for effective application of the product directly on to specific areas, making them ideal for facial cosmetics, make-up, oils and serums.

With a brooding dark side, the Elixir 'male' bottle can either complement or contrast its exquisite 'female' partner. Whether a brand needs naughty and nice, or for him and for her, Rebhan's Glass Polymer Elixir bottles can be decorated for further distinction, or colour coordinated for a united pairing.

Which bottle is your remedy? Which bottle is your Elixir?

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