Retro chic - 'Boston Style' brings the 1920s to the 2020s

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Rebhan has just introduced a new PET bottle into Certina Packaging's repertoire. The 250ml 'Boston Style' PET bottle is ideal for any number of personal care products as its iconic cylindrical shape appeals to both male and female consumers.

The matte luster provides a modern finish to the retro-looking bottle and its 24/410 neck enables the bottle to be paired with an extensive selection of caps and closures for both effective application as well as offering a chic contrast to the 'Boston Style' bottle.

While the 1920s saw the rise of consumerism and an industrial boom for creativity, Rebhan's 2020 Boston Style bottle meets modern consumerism head-on.

The bottle is produced in PET plastic, making it lightweight for transportation and easy to recycle as both a single material and as the most highly recycled plastic in the world. It also features within Certina Packaging's Green Line packaging ethos of eco-friendly packaging produced with environmentally-friendly technologies that also save resources, as the bottle can be produced with PCR plastic.

A range of decoration options are available to recreate a classic look that is ideal for masculine facial grooming products that take their inspiration from decades-prior beard trends implying leadership, maturity and strength, or the seductive sexuality of Rudolph Valentino in the 1920s.  Equally, the bottle decorated with retro-chic style is ideal for ensuring that personal care products like soap, shampoo or hair cream stand out on the shelf with nostalgia to a time of facial elixirs and apothecary skin tonics.

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