PERLA brings French facial care to the global cosmetic market

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PERLA is an appealing cosmetic packaging collection that instantly conveys French chic. Made in France, the PERLA line features a standard tottle that is fully customizable and directly appealing to consumers that pay close attention to the appearance of their face.

The tottle is offered with a range of 7 different applicators so that facial products and make-up can be applied easily and effectively by the consumer. Whether the product is to be targeted to a specific point, or applied across the face with a gentle massage, PERLA's dynamic applicator options ensure that any formulation can be applied to just the right spot, in the most agreeable manner.

In addition to straight and angled applicators, rollers, balls, nozzles and brushes, the tottle itself is available in 3 different volumes. There are also options for different materials as well as soft and velvet finishes, making PERLA easy to customize into an irresistible, functional facial packaging.

The PERLA cosmetic packaging line is a concept produced as a result of an alliance between 2 of France's prominent packaging companies in their respective fields: Cosmogen, known globally for its application expertise, and Qualiform one of the world's top producers of luxury and masstige plastic packaging containers.

The resulting PERLA collection combines slender tottles in 9, 15 and 30ml capacities with a soft look and touch thanks to the PEMD/ADFLEX combination. For beauty brands that require 'green' options that comply with their CSR strategies, PERLA can also be developed in PP, bio-plastic or PCR plastic whilst still maintaining its effeminate charm and compatibility with formulations.

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