A flipping good closure!

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HK Cosmetic Packaging, part of Certina Packaging, has introduced its own line of standard flip-top caps into the group's portfolio.

Flip top closures are a favorite with consumers around the globe, offering a convenient solution to access viscous liquids and creams with a single hand.

HK's new range has been designed to gently enhance the presence of bottle on the shelf. This new family incorporates 3 different necks as standard and can be produced in a wide array of colors to fit into established brand lines.

The flip top caps are offered in 3 common screw-on sizes — 20/410, 24/410 and 28/410.

The flip-top family is particularly ideal for hand sanitizer products which have significantly increased in popularity over the past six months, in addition to offering a user-friendly packaging option for other personal care products that is tailored to the requirements of the brand.

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